Are Sesame Snaps Healthy? Everything You Need To Know

Sesame Snaps are one of the favorite on-the-go snacks in Canada.

They were introduced in 1970 and have been extremely popular among people since then.

Sesame Snaps are made using nutrient-rich sesame seeds, which are packed with healthy omega-3s, protein, and fiber.

In fact, sesame seeds are the reason why Sesame Snaps are often marketed as a better-for-you alternative to sweet treats like cookies or candy.

And while Sesame Snaps comes in multiple delicious flavors, are they really healthy for you?

Short answer: Sesame Snaps are healthy as they are good source of healthy fats, a moderate source of protein, low in sodium and free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. However, Sesame Snaps are high in sugar and should be consumed in moderation.

Read on to find out more about Sesame snaps, including their ingredients, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium content and more.

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What are Sesame Snaps made up of?

Sesame Snaps comes in two varieties – Original and Seeds and grains.

The original variety comes in multiple flavors, such as classic, quinoa, chia, honey, and vanilla.

On the other hand, the Seeds and grains variety also comes in multiple flavors, such as millet and honey, amaranth and honey, quinoa and honey and buckwheat and honey.

Therefore, the exact ingredients in Sesame Snaps can vary depending on the flavor.

In general, Sesame Snaps are made from Roasted sesame seeds and sugars (glucose syrup and sugar).

You may also find some other ingredients, such as honey, vanilla, quinoa and other grains, based on the flavor you choose.

That’s it! No weird ingredients.

Note: I’ll be talking about only the original variety in this post.

Are Sesame Snaps high in sugar?

Sesame Snaps are high in sugar, containing 9 to 12g per serving (27-30g), depending on the flavor.

That’s about 25 to 33% of the daily sugar limit for men and 36 to 48% for women.

This amount of sugar may not seem too alarming (for some), but because of their small size and delicious taste, it’s very easy to eat many, resulting in excess sugar intake.

Additionally, it’s all added sugar from glucose syrup and regular table sugar.

If you are watching sugar intake, these might not be the best snacking option.

Here’s the table showing the sugar content of all flavors.

Per serving

How much protein is in Sesame Snaps?

Sesame Snaps contain 3 to 4g of protein per serving (27-30g), depending on the flavor.

That’s not a very high amount of protein, but it can be considered decent.

Additionally, all the protein in Sesame Snaps is plant-based, coming from Sesame seeds.

That’s good news for those following a vegan diet.

How much fiber is in Sesame Snaps?

Sesame Snaps are low in fiber, containing just 1-2g per serving, depending on the flavor.

That’s not even 10% of the daily recommended fiber for adults.

All the fiber in Sesame Snaps comes solely from the sesame seeds. 

Fiber is an essential part of the diet that helps promote digestion, regulate blood sugar levels and promote satiety.

However, Sesame Snaps are not a very good choice when it comes to dietary fiber.

Are Sesame Snaps high in fat?

Sesame Snaps contain 8-9g of fat per serving, depending on the flavor.

However, the good thing is that about 80% of sesame Snaps’ total fat content comes from unsaturated (healthy) fat, with very little saturated fat.

Sesame Snaps are packed with omega-6 and monosaturated fats.

Omega-6 fatty acids play an important role in brain function, normal growth and development, skin and hair health and more. 

While monounsaturated fats help reduce overall and LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

How much sodium is in Sesame Snaps?

Sesame Snaps are extremely low in sodium containing, less than 10mg per serving.

That’s not even 1% of the daily ideal sodium limit(1500mg).

Sodium is an essential part of the diet, but too much can result in heart-related issues.

Fortunately, with Sesame Snaps, one doesn’t have to worry about sodium intake (especially for those following a low-sodium diet).

Are Sesame Snaps good for weight loss?

Sesame Snaps are not good for weight loss as they are high in  sugar. However, you can still eat them in moderation on a weight-loss diet.

That’s because they are low in calories, with 130-150 per serving.

Plus, they are moderate in protein and also contain some fiber.

Note that weight loss depends not only on one food but also on overall diet and lifestyle.

Are Sesame Snaps gluten-free?

Sesame Snaps are gluten-free as they are made up of Sesame seeds. There are no gluten-based ingredients in them.

However, they may not be suitable for someone with a peanut or cashew allergy.

Are Sesame Snaps vegan?

Sesame Snaps are marketed as vegan-friendly snacks as they don’t contain animal-based ingredients (except the honey flavor).

However, it’s important to note that Sesame Snaps contain refined sugar, which may concern strict vegans.

Final words

After looking at the ingredients and nutritional value, Sesame Snaps can be considered healthy.

Here’s why.

  • They are made from sesame seeds and are a good source of healthy fats.
  • They are moderate source of protein.
  • They are low in sodium.
  • They are gluten-free.
  • They are free from artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

However, there are also couple of downsides to Sesame Snaps such as they are low in fiber and high in sugar.

Therefore, it’s important that you consume Sesame Snaps in moderation.

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