The 10 Benefits of Meditation: Take the charge of your life

When it involves personal development, many things catch our attention, and meditation is one of them. Meditation is when a person focuses on the mind or on a particular object (mainly breathing) to go into a peaceful and stable state. There are many benefits of meditation for the mind and the body.

In the Hindu religion, meditation is regarded as the spiritual exercise and religious practice first mentioned in Upanishads. The Upanishads states meditation is a technique to eliminate ignorance, rage, hatred, and acquire peace in your mind and body.

There’s a strong belief that meditation can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain and improve your sleep and health.

Meditation has been around us for thousands of years and is not going away anytime soon. It has been more than one year since I incorporated meditation in my life, and it has given tremendous benefits to me. It has improved my life by providing control over my thoughts, anger, emotions, and actions.

If you are new to meditation, you can start your journey by reading this simple guide on meditation for beginners.

In this blog, I will share how to get started with meditation and what you can benefit from it.

How to get started with meditation?

Meditation is the process of focusing on a particular thing for a period. If you want to get started with meditation but aren’t sure how then here are the eight simple steps to get you started with this powerful practice.

Choose your time

Clock showing time

Is there a perfect time for meditation?


Choose a time for meditation that suits you. It can be either early in the morning or late in the evening. Meditation feels best when done interruptedly, so choose a time when there is nothing to get disturbed by.

However, Practicing it in the morning can be a great way to start your day. It will prepare you for the tasks and challenges of your day.

Find a quiet place

Just like a convenient time, choose a place that is quiet and clean. It can be a spot at your home or somewhere where you can meditate without getting disturbed. I meditate daily at the same place—it’s not necessary, but it helps me not get distracted.

Make yourself comfortable

Boy doing meditation

Choose a pose that feels comfortable to you, where you can lay down for your chosen period of meditation time without any difficulty. You can sit on a chair or the floor, and some people prefer to lay down on the floor.

The only condition here to meet is that your back should be straight. It allows you to concentrate more on your breath. Be relaxed and enjoy the process.

Start with deep breathing

Gir doing meditation

Now that you have found a comfortable pose start taking deep breaths to move your mind towards a calm state. There is no need to rush here; breathe in and breathe out deeply several times(10-15). Let your whole body fall in the rhythm of breathing.

Focus on your breath

The hardest part of your practice is to focus on your breath while it travels in and out. Our mind is a bank memory that produces thousands of thoughts, and stopping it for a while can be a little bit hard but achievable.

It’s simply possible that while meditating, your mind will wander many times. Your mind will produce different thoughts, and they can be of any type, but that’s not a problem. The problem is when you get stuck in those thoughts, and they divert your attention and take you somewhere else.

Whenever this happens, gently bring your attention back to your breathing and continue with it. Don’t be hard on yourself; just let your thoughts come and pass while you focus on your breath.

Start small


Many people start meditation with 20-30 minutes on their first day, which is not recommended for a beginner. If you try to meditate long from the start, you may get frustrated and unable to focus. Don’t go with more than 5 minutes of meditation on your first week. Certainly, these 5 minutes will also give you incredible benefits of meditation.

Be consistent with your practice. Meditating for 5-10 minutes a day is much better than meditating 60 minutes once a week.

Do it first thing each morning

Person meditating in the morning

Most successful people start their day by meditating. It is one of the most common habits of their early morning. Starting your day with meditation increases your ability to focus, improves your memory, and also prepares you for the rest of the day with a clear and smiling mind.

Also, by starting your day with something that makes you feel proud and confident of yourself, you set the path for more wins throughout the day.

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Make it a priority

To-do list

Some things only benefit you when you are consistent with them, and meditation is one of them. To get the most benefit from meditation, you need to practice it daily. Commit yourself to meditate daily as a habit. Take out some time for yourself daily to improve your brain and health.

By meditating, you are making sure that your brain works to the maximum. You are more peaceful than ever. You are more happy and generous toward others.

It takes time, but it is worth every second.

10 Best Benefits of Meditation

Increases our productivity

Chart showing increase in productivity is one of the benefits of meditation

One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it improves our focus, attention, and memory, resulting in an increment in productivity.

People who work hard and put more hours into being productive can end up becoming very stressed. In stressful situations, meditation can do magic for us by maintaining peace and calmness in our minds.

Meditation clears our minds and helps us to focus on our in-hand tasks more efficiently.

Whenever you feel stressed or pressured by your work, pull out 10 minutes from your schedule to meditate.

Increases our immunity

It’s a fact that our brain is intimately connected to all the organs of our body. Study shows that our brain positive and negative thoughts have a direct impact on our immune system. The more negative thoughts the brain produces, the more the immune system suffers.

Practicing meditation produces positive thoughts in our brain that lead to an increase in our immunity system.

Improves our mood

Girl dancing with happines

Life is unpredictable as it can take us up, and at the same moment, it can bring us down. Whenever I feel low, sad, or confused in my life, I run towards meditation. Meditation helps us focus on our strengths and control our anger, fear, and sadness. It enhances our mood effectively by stabilizing our minds.

Improves our decision making ability

Women confused while making a decision

One great thing I have achieved through meditation is making the right decisions in tough situations. We make the right decision when our thoughts are organized, we are free from negative emotions, and our mind is clear. If our minds are not cleared and organized, it negatively affects our decision-making.

Additionally, a 2016 study by Carnegie Mellon University showed that mindfulness meditation could improve our concentration and decision-making ability.

Manages our stress, anxiety and depression

Stress management is one of the benefits of meditation

The health benefits of meditation are well documented, which is why more and more people are turning to meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The regular practice of meditation can help our brain to manage unusual or stressful situations.

When we feel stressed or anxious, our brain starts producing negative thinking or emotions. In the long run, these are the same emotions that trigger depression.

Meditation has been found to change the brain-specific regions that are linked with depression.

When we meditate, It trains our brain to achieve focus and better able to handle negative emotions.

Meditation does not eliminate our negative emotions, but rather it trains our brain to notice all negative emotions and not act on them.

Improves our relationships

Couple running towards each other

It’s not a secret that meditation is good for our brain and health. Still, it might surprise you that it is also beneficial for the relationship we have with others.

Relationships are hard to take care of, but mediation can help us with this. Daily meditation can change our perspective and way of thinking towards others. It softened our tone of the conversation with others, making it more likely to people admire us.

Improves our sleep quality

Person sleeping

Research has shown one of the best benefits of meditation is improvement in our sleep quality. Studies have found that meditation helps fight people with sleeping disorders and insomnia.

In a previous couple of decades, meditation has evolved as a tool to improve our sleep quality. On average, people go to bed with their mobile phones or laptops, which keeps them awake. The radiations from these devices signal our brain not to sleep and reduces the production of a special hormone in our brain called ‘melatonin,’ which handles sleepiness and tiredness.

Meditation helps our brain to release these hormones and disperse calmness and relaxation in our bodies. It is necessary that before we hit the bed, our brain should be clear and relaxed, and meditation is a key for it.

Go with a 5-10 minute small practice before hitting your bed to sleep deep and proper.

Improves our heart health

Studies have found that meditation helps us improve our cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

The heart is the second most important part after the brain, which needs a consistent and high oxygen supply to work efficiently.

Deep and slow breathing while meditating makes sure that your heart and body get a sufficient oxygen supply.

Also, it helps normalize your blood pressure and increases the energy levels in your body, which is good for your heart.

More longevity

Meditation has a direct connection with our longevity. One of the main reasons for this is the stress-diminishing effect of meditation on our minds and bodies.

When Martin Luther King died, he was only 39 years old, but medical examiners were surprised to find that he had a heart of 60 years old. The later doctors said that they believed this to be the result of stress. The effect of stress decreases the lifespan of our life. Still, meditation plays the opposite role here, by helping us to live more.

Improves our personality

Personal development is one of benefits of meditation

People who meditate daily express a positive sign of personality. Meditation helps us to manage our thoughts, mannerism, and behaviors. One of the main ways that meditation changes our personality is to give us full control over our minds and actions. It makes us peaceful, loving, helpful, thankful, and all these are the main ingredients of a good personality.

Final words

Now that you are aware of the great benefits of meditation, it’s time to make a promise to yourself. Act to meditate daily; keep those 10 minutes reserved for yourself.

Meditation at any point of the day benefit you in various ways. Whether you start our day with it, practice it during lunch breaks, or meditate just before sleep.

The positive impact is profound and visible. It is also one of the most impactful practices that you can perform anywhere.

It takes time, but it’s worth your every effort.

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