No, Snicker Is Not Good For Your Health: Here’s Why

The Snicker bar is one of the most popular chocolate bars on the market. It is made by Mars Incorporated and was first introduced in 1930. The yummy combination of roasted peanuts and caramel in the centre, all enveloped in milk chocolate coating, makes it one of the tastiest chocolate bars in the world.

While Snickers is delectable, have you ever wondered if it is good for your health or just a typical chocolate bar to satiate your sugar cravings?

Sadly, while it may be your favourite chocolate bar, Snicker is not good for your health. From being high in sugar to calories and providing insufficient nutritional value, there are many reasons that make it bad for your health.

In this post, I have compiled a list of 5 reasons why Snicker is not good for your health.

But before that, let’s look at Snicker nutritional value.

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Nutrition value of Snicker

A 100g serving of Snicker bar provides:

  • Calories: 498
  • Fat: 25.5g
  • Carbohydrates: 58.2g
  • Sugar: 49.8g
  • Protein: 9.1g
  • Fiber: 2.8g
  • Sodium: 150mg

5 Reasons snicker is not good for health

Reasons snicker is not good for health

Loaded with white powder

The primary reason that makes Snicker bad for your health is its high level of white powder. No, it’s not cocaine, but it’s powerful and addictive as same as cocaine. Yes, it is sugar.

50g bar contains 24.6g of sugar, equivalent to eating 6 teaspoons of sugar all at once. That’s too sugary!

As per the recommendations from the American Heart Association, men should not consume more than 9 teaspoons of sugar, while women should not consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar.

If you are a woman, a single 50g Snickers bar covers your entire daily sugar intake. For men, it covers 66% of the daily sugar needed. For kids, it is beyond 100% of the daily recommended amount.

Most people already consume a lot of sugar in their daily diet. Eating a Snickers bar on top of that will greatly elevate total sugar intake. This could lead to various health problems in the long term, such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Tooth decay
  • Obesity
  • Increase in inflammation
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

High in saturated fat

If sugar is not enough to scare you from eating Snicker, then probably saturated fat will.

The overall fat content of the Snicker chocolate bar is high, 12.7g in a 50g bar. Out of which 40% is saturated fat.

If you are a die-hard lover of Snicker, consuming two bars a day is not challenging, increasing your overall intake of saturated fat to more than 70% of the recommended daily amount.

For years, studies have shown that too much saturated fat consumption has been linked to heart diseases such as high cholesterol and stroke.

However, some new studies are emerging that deny the negative effect of saturated fat, but more research is needed before any definite conclusions can be drawn.

But till then, it’s best to limit your intake of too much saturated fat.

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Little nutrition value

While taste is the second factor, nutrition is the first one that makes a food worthy of eating. If food is tasty but doesn’t provide any benefit in terms of nutrition, it’s like going air inside–it might fill your stomach, but it’s not going to do anything for your health.

Snicker chocolate bar is very low on nutrition. A 50g bar provides just 4.5g of protein and 1.4g of fiber which is too low. Also, the carbs in it are simple or processed carbs that do nothing good for your health.

Furthermore, your snicker bar has no good levels of vitamins and minerals.

If you compare the Same amount of snicker bar to the fresh peanuts, you will get 13g of protein and 4.5g of fiber. Plus, peanuts would cost you low as compared to Snickers.

Is it wise to consume something loaded with sugar and no nutritional value? Think about it!

High in calories

While Snicker may be a delicious treat, it is also high in calories.

A single Snicker bar contains 250 calories, nearly 12% of an average adult’s recommended daily calorie intake. While this may be a small number for those who are active enough daily, these calories can add extra fat to your body if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

In the long run, eating too many calories can lead to obesity and overweight, which further increase the risk of chronic health problems.

Also, If you are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, it is best to avoid Snickers or at least limit it.

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Use of artificial ingredients

If you prefer clean eating without any artificial additives, then Snicker is not for you.

Snickers contain vanillin, an artificial flavouring used to improve the taste of the bar. Although it is typically considered safe to consume, it can negatively affect some people, especially if consumed in excess.

Final words

While snicker may be one of the most selling chocolate bars in the world, it is not certainly good for your health.

Consuming too much can add extra calories and too much sugar to your diet, which can cause weight gain and might lead to other serious health problems in the long run.

The next time you have hunger pangs, opt for something nutritious instead of a Snickers bar. Your body will thank you later on.

However, you can still have it in moderation as part of a balanced diet or if you are active enough to burn the extra calories and sugar.

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