7 Health benefits of eating idli

Good source of protein

Being made from black gram, Idli is an excellent source of protein containing upto 10gm in just 4-5 idli's.

Digestion friendly

Idli is good source of fiber containing 2g per piece. Fiber promotes regularity and prevent digestion issues like constipation.

Healthy breakfast option

Idli is a healthy breakfast option than many popular packaged breakfast foods like cornflakes and chocos.

Regulate blood sugar levels

Idli is a low-glycemic food which does not cause sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels. In addition, it contain good amount of fiber which helps to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Improves gut health

Idli is a fermented product which not only gives it unique flavor but also makes it's nutritious. As per research, fermented foods are good at improving gut health.

Good for heart health

idli is a good source of potassium, magnesium and folate, which helps to keep heart disease at bay.

Rich source of Iron

Idli is made from lentils which makes it a good source of Iron. In fact, including just 4-5 Idli's in your diet can provide you with upto 45% of daily needed Iron.