Are Bingo Chips Good For Your Health? The Unexpected Answer

Whether you are watching your favourite TV show or match or be it a movie night, nothing is complete without snacks and what can be better than chips? They are the ultimate comfort food that can be enjoyed at any time.

One such chip that has been popular among people and you would find hanging in every Kirana store is bingo.

Bingo is a chips brand from ITC that was founded in 2007. It offers a wide variety of exciting packaged salted snacks, each with a unique flavour.

While bingo chips are sure for light and delicious to enjoy anytime, are they good for your health?

In short, No.

Bingo chips are not good for your health as they are high in calories, saturated fat and sodium. In addition, they are packed with many unhealthy additives such as flavour enhancers and maltodextrin that might do more harm than good for your health.

In this post, I have compiled a list of 5 reasons bingo chips are not good for health.

So let’s start.

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5 Reasons why bingo chips are not good for health

Reasons bingo chips are not good for health

Bad for your heart health

Whether it’s bingo mad angles, tedhe medhe, or potato chips, all come with a high level of saturated fat.

For decades, saturated fat has been known as bad fat due to its detrimental effects on the body. However, some new studies have shown that saturated fat is not as bad as previously thought.

But the issue is still being debated, and more research is needed.

Therefore, many health organization such as the American Heart Association and WHO still recommends limiting your intake of food containing saturated fats.

A 50g serving of bingo chips comes with 8g of saturated fat, which is about 60% of the daily limit.

As per the American heart association, having too much saturated fat in your diet increases your bad cholesterol levels leading to the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Increase the risk of high blood pressure

The addictive, salty taste of bingo chips are not a coincidence but rather a result of their high sodium content.

A 50g serving of bingo chips comes with 859mg of sodium, which is 37% of the daily limit. While this amount of sodium may seem low, most people get enough from their regular diet.

Eating high-sodium foods like bingo chips adds extra sodium to your diet that you don’t need.

Too much extra sodium in your diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Increase the risk of weight gain

If you want to maintain a healthy weight or have a weight loss goal, including bingo chips might not be a great choice.

This is because bingo chips are high in calories containing around 550 calories per 100g serving, which is about 27% of the daily calories needed based on a 2000 caloric diet.

That’s a considerable amount of calories in your day, especially when you eat something unhealthy.

Additionally, bingo chips are processed foods that, as per studies, are associated with weight gain and obesity.

The combination of high calories, sodium and saturated fat from bingo can increase your weight and the fat around your waistline.

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Use of flavour enhancers

Flavour enhancers in packed foods have become increasingly common in recent years. However, the impact of these chemicals on human health is not well understood.

Bingo chips use two flavour enhancers: INS 627(Disodium Guanylate) and INS 631(Disodium inosinate).

While these enhancers are safe for most people, many sources suggest these enhancers can trigger allergies, skin rashes, or other side effects such as headache, dizziness or vomiting.

Use of palmolein oil

Palmolein is one of the most controversial oils used in many processed foods out there because it’s cheap and easily available.

Previous studies have shown that palmolein is high in saturated fat, which could risk cardiovascular health. However, it is only when you consume too much of it, which is possible because many food items are prepared using this oil.

The most controversial aspect of palmolein is its damaging environmental effects, such as deforestation.

Although it may be included in your balanced diet for a moment and comes with antioxidants, wouldn’t it be selfish to only think about your own health and not the health of the environment?

Final words

While these flavoured package foods might be able to sate your taste buds, they aren’t good for your health.

From increasing the risk of cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain and heart disease, eating bingo chips can harm your health in many ways. And if you are eating them daily, the risks are even greater.

So the next time you’re reaching for bingo chips, remember that you’re getting more than just a delicious snack. You’re also getting various health risks.

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