Are Nut Thins Healthy? The Truth About These Crackers

Nut Thins are a popular brand of crunchy crackers known for their unique composition and delicious taste.

Unlike traditional wheat-based crackers, Nut Thins are made primarily from a blend of nuts such as almonds or pecan and rice flour, resulting in a crunchy texture with a nutty flavor.

And while they come in a variety of crave-able flavors, are Nut Thins healthy?

Short answer: Nut Thins are healthy because they are made up of wholesome of good ingredients and are low in sugar. Additionally, they are free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Read on to find out more about Nut Thins, including their ingredients, protein, fiber, sodium content, and more.

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What are Nut Thins made up of?

Currently, Nut Thins are available in two varieties – Snacking crackers and pairing crackers.

Snacking crackers are standalone snacks designed to be enjoyed on their own. Whereas, pairing crackers are specially crafted to accompany and enhance the flavors of various toppings, spreads, or dips.

Nut Thins (snacking crackers) variety comes in 10 flavors such as Original, Three cheese, Pecan, Smokehouse, Pepper jack, etc.

While Nut Thins (pairing crackers) variety comes in 3 flavors: Flax seed, Multi-seed, and Sesame seed.

So, the exact ingredients in Nut Thins vary depending on the flavor.

However, at the core, Nut Thins (snacking crackers) are made up of Rice flour and almonds as the primary ingredients, followed by other ingredients such as Potato starch, Safflower oil, Salt/sea salt, Natural flavors, and Seasoning.

On the other hand, Nut Thins (pairing crackers) is made up of brown rice flour and almonds as the main ingredients, followed by ingredients like sesame/flax/quinoa seeds, millet, sorghum flour, safflower oil, and potato starch.

The ingredients in Nut Thins are healthy and do not include any major red flags, such as artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Sugar or cane sugar is also there, but only in some flavors.

Additionally, all flavors are gluten-free.

How much protein is in Nut Thins?

Nut Thins are not a very good source of protein.

A single serving of Nut Thins (snacking crackers) contains 2-3g of protein per serving(30g).

On the other hand, a single serving of Nut Thins (pairing crackers) contains 3g of protein per serving(30g), which can be considered decent.

The protein in Nut Thins comes from multiple sources such as nuts and seeds.

If you are looking to build muscles, Nut Thins might not be a good choice. However, you can still consume them as a snack.

Here is how Nut Thins protein content stacks up against other crackers.

Cracker brandProtein per serving(g)
Nut Thins2-3
Wheat Thins (original)2
Triscuits (original)3
Ritz original crackers<1
Cheez-it (original)3
Barnum’s Animal crackers2
Honey maid honey graham crackers2

Are Nut Thins good source of fiber?

Nut Thins, especially the snacking crackers variety, are not a good source of fiber. They contain just 1g of fiber per serving(30g).

However, the pairing crackers variety contains 2-3g of fiber per serving. This isn’t very good, but it can be considered decent for a snack.

It’s surprising that even with nuts and seeds, Nut Thins have a relatively low fiber profile.

Here is how Nut Thins fiber content stacks up against other crackers.

Cracker brandFiber per serving(g)
Nut Thins1-3
Wheat Thins (original)3
Triscuits (original)3
Ritz original crackers0
Cheez-it (original)<1
Barnum’s Animal crackers0
Honey maid honey graham crackers1

How much sodium is in Nut Thins?

Nut Thins (snacking crackers) are low to moderate source of sodium ranging from 55 to 250mg per serving, depending on the flavor.

The Nut Thins pairing crackers variety contains 135mg of sodium per serving, which is just 9% of the ideal daily sodium limit (1500mg).

Sodium is expected in snacks and is an essential part of the diet. However, too much of it can result in heart-related issues.

Fortunately, with Nut Thins, you don’t need to be worried about sodium as long as you stick to one serving.

Even the highest sodium flavor, Cheddar Cheese, provides 16% of the ideal daily sodium limit, which is okay for most individuals.

However, if you are someone limiting sodium intake, it’s best to avoid Nut Thins flavors that contain more than 200mg of sodium per serving.

These flavors include Cheddar cheese, Pepper jack, and Country ranch.

Are Nut Thins processed food?

Nut Thins are processed food, as they contain ingredients like safflower oil, salt, sugar, maltodextrin, and soy lecithin.

However, they are not as bad as other processed snacks or food, which contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

It can be said that Nut Thins are very minimally processed food.

Are Nut Thins Good for weight loss?

Nut Thins are good for weight loss as most flavors don’t contain added sugar. Additionally, they are relatively low in calories, with only 130 calories per serving.

Some flavors of Nut Thins does contain sugar, but it in very small amounts.

And if you choose the pairing crackers variety, they provide you with a decent amount of fiber which plays an important role in weight loss.

Overall, if you are on a weight loss diet, munching on Nut Thins wont be a problem for you.

Remember that weight loss does not depend only on one food but on overall diet and lifestyle.

Are Nut Thins keto? Nut Thins are not suitable for the keto diet as they contain a high amount of net carbs.

Are Nut Thins vegan?

Only two Nut Thins flavors are vegan, including Spicy sriracha and Smokehouse.

Final words

Whether you’re looking for a gluten-free alternative, a flavorful cracker to complement your favorite spreads or a tasty and satisfying snack, Nut Thins are a healthy option.

And there are various reasons for this such as:

  • They are packed with plenty of good ingredients such as almonds, pecan, sesame seeds, flax seeds, quinoa seeds, millet, etc.
  • They are low in sugar and calories.
  • They are low in sodium.
  • They are free from artificial additives.

However, I wouldn’t consider Nut Thins a nutritious choice, especially the snacking crackers variety, as they are low in protein and fiber.

Anyway, they are still better than many other sugar or artificial ingredients loaded snacks.

In fact, these are one of the best crackers in term of ingredients that you could find in the market.

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