Top 10 Benefits Of Eating Catla Fish For Your Health

Catla, also called great Indian carp, is a very popular freshwater fish found in the lakes and rivers of India. Available throughout the year, it is one of the widely consumed fish varieties found in the Indian fish market. The demand for this fish is so high that fishing for catla has become an important industry in many parts of the country. There are many reasons for this demand, one of which is the health benefits that eating catla provides.

In this post, I’ve covered everything you need to know about catla fish, including its nutritional value and health benefits. I’ve also addressed some frequently asked questions about catla fish.

So, let’s start with a little about catla fish.

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What is Catla Fish?

Catla fish in plate

Catla fish is a type of carp found in freshwater rivers. It has a broad, large head with an upturned mouth. The catla fish has a deep, cylindrical body with a large protruding lower jaw. It can reach a length of up to 182cm and weigh 38.6 kilograms. The body colour of the catla is greyish on the back and flanks, silvery-white below, and fins dusky.

It is an important food fish and is also used in sport fishing. It is mainly found in the rivers and lakes in northern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Catla fish is known by many names such as Katla, Katol, Indian Major carp, Chepti, Baudhekra, Bacha, Karakatla and Tambra. It is mainly sold and consumed fresh and is delicious.

Catla Fish Nutrition

The catla fish is low in calories and is considered a good source of high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for human health.

Here is the nutrition fact of 100gm catla fish:

  • Calories: 89
  • Fat: 2.8 gram
  • Protein: 16 gram
  • Calcium: 161mg
  • Sodium: 198mg
  • Potassium: 283mg
  • Phosphorus: 146mg
  • Vitamin A: 30IU
  • Iron: 1.6mg
  • Zinc: 1.35mg
  • Vitamin D: 102IU
  • Vitamin E: 1.21mcg

Top 10 Benefits of Eating Catla Fish

Excellent source of protein

Protein is one of the essential nutrients for the body. It helps with tissue growth and repair, enzyme production, hormone regulation, and energy metabolism.

Catla fish is an excellent source of complete protein. It contains all the essential amino acids necessary for the body, making it a great addition to any diet.

A 100 gram serving of catla fish contains anywhere from 16 to 22 gram of protein, making it one of India’s most protein-dense fish.

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High in omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for both physical and mental health. The human body cannot produce these fatty acids, so they must be obtained through food or supplements.

Catla fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. These fatty acids have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce abnormal heart rhythm and promote brain health.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that one should eat at least two servings of omega-3 rich fish a week.

Good for your heart

The catla fish is low in cholesterol and saturated fats, making it good for your heart health.

As previously stated, it is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are an essential part of a diet for heart health. In fact, the American Heart Association advises people with cardiovascular disease to eat omega-3-rich fish to reduce cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes (CVD)

Eating catla fish at least twice a week can help lower your triglycerides levels and blood pressure, both of which are important for maintaining a healthy heart.

Rich in antioxidants

Fishes are indeed a great source of natural antioxidants for your body.

Antioxidants are molecules that protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells, leading to cell death and diseases such as cancer.

Catla fish is a rich source of antioxidants such as carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin A, E and zinc. These antioxidants work together to protect your body cells by neutralizing free radicals.

Great for bone health

According to studies, more than 50 million Indians suffer from bone health issues, particularly osteoporosis. However, if people include fish in their regular diet, this situation can be controlled.

Catla fish is an excellent source of calcium, providing about 16% of the daily value in just 100 gram serving. Calcium is one of the most important minerals for your bone health. Not only this, but catla fish also has good vitamin D levels, which is necessary for proper calcium absorption.

Furthermore, studies have shown that including omega-3 in your diet can improve bone strength by increasing calcium levels in your bones, further reducing your risk of osteoporosis.

Boost immunity

For hundreds of years, eating fish has been shown to improve the function of the immune system in several ways.

Catla fish is a great food to eat when your immunity levels are low, i.e. when you have frequent colds, infections, or other problems.

It is a good source of nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, selenium, iron, protein and antioxidants, important for a healthy and robust immune system.

Reduces inflammation

Catla fish is among the most inflammation-fighting foods you can eat. It is packed with many nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin D and selenium, which all have anti-inflammatory properties.

It is beneficial for people with autoimmune diseases such as Ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, lupus, etc.

Packed with minerals

Other than protein, omega-3 and antioxidants, catla fish is also loaded with many essential minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. It contains a good amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and iron, all of which help to improve your overall health.

Good for skin health

Catla fish is an excellent addition to anyone’s diet who wants to improve their skin condition.

The high levels of omega-3 in catla can help regulate the skin’s oil production, improve balanced hydration, subdue breakouts and minimize signs of aging.

It also aids in the reduction of inflammation, which is the primary cause of skin redness, itching, and swelling.

Furthermore, catla fish is high in antioxidants, which can protect your skin from sun damage caused by UV rays.

Good for eyesight

It’s an old saying that regularly including fish in your diet can improve your eyesight.

Studies have that people who eat fish twice a week are 38% less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the leading causes of blindness.

Catla fish is an excellent source of nutrients for your overall health, and it turns out that it’s good for your eyesight too! Omega-3 fatty acids, found in abundance in catla, are beneficial for the retina and can help prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Final words

Adding catla fish to your diet has a number of health benefits. This humble fish is a powerhouse of nutrients and is also moderate in mercury. It is a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. They are also medium in mercury.

In addition, eating catla fish can help improve your cardiovascular, bone, skin, and eye health.

So the next time you are at the market, don’t forget to include catla in your basket. Also, make sure to have at least two servings of catla fish per week in your diet to see the full benefits.

Until then, eat well and live well.

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