Are Frooze Balls Healthy? The Truth About These Snacks

Frooze balls are a plant-powered snack made from a combination of vibrant fruits, crunchy nuts, and other natural ingredients rolled into perfectly bite-sized spheres.

These delicious balls originated in New Zealand and have been a popular snack choice among people.

These are known for being vegan, gluten-free, and free from refined sugars.

And while they come in a variety of delectable flavors, what about their nutritional value? Or Are Frooze balls healthy?

Short answer: Frooze balls are a healthy as they are made from natural ingredients, have decent fiber content and low sodium levels. Additionally, they are vegan, gluten-free, kosher and Non-GMO. However, they are high in sugar (mostly natural) and must be consumed in moderation.

Read on to find out more about Frooze balls, including their ingredients, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium content and more.

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What are Frooze balls made of?

Frooze balls come in a variety of flavors, each offering a unique taste. 

These flavors include:

  • Applelicious
  • Outrageous orange
  • Succulent strawberry
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Caramel choc peanut butter
  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Raspberry dark choc
  • Choc hazelnut
  • Blueberry crumble

Therefore, the exact ingredients in Frooze balls vary depending on the flavor.

In general, Frooze balls are made up of natural ingredients, such as:

Fruit puree: Frooze balls often incorporate fruit purees as one of the ingredients. These purees provide natural sweetness and contribute to the moist texture inside the balls.

Some flavors also include dried fruits like apples, oranges and strawberries.

Dates: These add natural sweetness to the balls and also provide various health benefits.

Nuts and seeds: Frooze balls include a variety of nuts and seeds such as peanuts, cashew nuts, coconuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds etc.

Cocoa: Frooze balls that boast a chocolatey flavor contain cocoa.

Natural flavor: To enhance the taste, each flavor of Frooze balls includes natural flavor derived from plant-based sources.

Pink salt: Also known as Himalayan salt, it is added to enhance the overall flavor balance.

That’s all you get in Frooze balls!

They are plant-based and are gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher and suitable for vegans.

So ingredients-wise, Frooze balls are a good-for-you snacking option.

How much sugar is in Frooze balls?

Frooze ball nutrition

Frooze balls are extremely high in sugar containing between 27g to 37g per serving (5 balls or 70g), depending on the flavor.

That’s roughly 5 to 7g of sugar per ball.

The Blueberry crumble has the lowest sugar, while the Raspberry dark choc flavor has the most sugar.

You can judge the high sugar content in Frooz Balls by the fact that even choosing the flavor with the least sugar content would provide 75% of the daily sugar limit for men, and for women, it goes beyond 100%.

That’s too much sugar!

What’s more surprising is that, despite the marketing claims of being made with natural ingredients, some flavors actually contain added sugar.

However, Frooze balls have not specified where the added sugar comes from.

Most of the sugar in Frooze balls is natural, coming from fruit puree, dates, coconut, nuts and seeds.

Even though natural sugar is healthier than refined sugar, it’s still important to consume it in moderation.

Here is the table showing the sugar content of all Frooze balls flavor.

Frooze balls flavorAdded sugar(g)Total sugar(g)
Outrageous orange034
Succulent strawberry034
Lemon cheesecake628
Caramel choc peanut butter030.1
Peanut butter & jelly531.7
Raspberry dark choc437
Choc hazelnut027.4
Blueberry crumble1327
Per serving (5 balls)

How much protein is in Frooze balls?

Frooze balls contain 3 to 7g of protein per serving (5 balls or 70g), depending on the flavor.

Majority of the flavors contain 5 or more protein per serving, which can be considered decent.

The good thing is all the protein in Frooze balls comes from plant-based sources such as nuts and seeds.

This is great for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Are Frooze balls good for muscle building? Frooze balls might not be the best muscle-building choice due to their low protein content. Generally, you need more protein for muscle building.

However, you can still enjoy Frooze balls as a post-workout snack. They can provide a quick energy boost due to their natural sugar content. 

Here is the table showing the protein content of all Frooze balls flavor.

Frooze balls flavorProtein(g)
Outrageous orange3
Succulent strawberry3
Lemon cheesecake5
Caramel choc peanut butter7
Peanut butter & jelly5.6
Raspberry dark choc4
Choc hazelnut6.8
Blueberry crumble5
Per serving (5 balls)

Are Frooze balls high in fiber?

Are Frooze balls healthy snack?

Frooze balls are a decent source of fiber containing 4 to 9.5g per serving (5 balls or 40g), depending on the flavor.

The Raspberry dark choc is the flavor with the least fiber, while the Peanut butter & jelly flavor has the most fiber.

Fiber is an important part of the diet, as it helps to provide satiety, improve digestion and regulate blood sugar levels.

To give you an idea, consuming a single serving of Frooze balls can provide at least 16% (with the least fiber flavor) and up to 38% (with the highest fiber flavor) of the recommended daily fiber intake for adults.

That’s good.

Here is the table showing the fiber content of all Frooze balls flavor.

Frooze balls flavorFiber(g)
Outrageous orange5
Succulent strawberry5
Lemon cheesecake7
Caramel choc peanut butter7
Peanut butter & jelly9.5
Raspberry dark choc4
Choc hazelnut7.5
Blueberry crumble7
Per serving (5 balls)

How much sodium is in Frooze balls?

Frooze balls are low in sodium containing 5 to 64mg per serving (5 balls), depending on the flavor.

That’s not even 5% of the daily ideal sodium limit (1500mg) set by the American Heart Association.

Sodium is an essential part of the diet, but too much can results in heart-related issues.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about sodium while munching on Frooze balls.

That’s good news for those seeking low-sodium snacks.

Here is the table showing the sodium content of all Frooze balls flavor.

Frooze balls flavorSodium(mg)
Outrageous orange5
Succulent strawberry10
Lemon cheesecake30
Caramel choc peanut butter64
Peanut butter & jelly36
Raspberry dark choc54
Choc hazelnut37
Blueberry crumble10
Per serving (5 balls)

Are Frooze balls good for weight loss?

Generally, Frooze balls aren’t an ideal choice for weight loss as they are high in sugar(27g to 37g).

But, because most of the sugar is natural and they are a decent fiber source, they can be consumed in moderation.

It’s best if you avoid certain flavors that contain added sugar.

However, it’s important to note that Frooze balls are high in calories, with 250 to 310 calories per serving.

Due to their addictive nature, Frooze balls can lead you to consume more than one serving, increasing your calorie intake.

And if you’re not sufficiently active to burn off these calories, it may result in weight gain.

Remember that weight loss depends not only on one food but overall diet and lifestyle.

Final words

After looking at the ingredients and nutritional value, it can be considered that Frooze balls are healthy for you.

Here’s why:

  • They are made up of entirely natural ingredients(except certain flavors).
  • They have decent fiber content.
  • Majority flavors offer a moderate protein content.
  • They are low in sodium.
  • They are vegan, gluten-free, kosher and Non-GMO.

However, it’s important to consider the high sugar content of Frooze balls, even though majority of it’s natural.

Nevertheless, if you can control your portion sizes, Frooze balls can become a great snacking choice.

Lastly, if I were to recommend one flavor from the range of Frooze balls, my top pick would be Choc Hazelnut.

This flavor contains decent amount of protein and fiber and doesn’t contain any added sugar.

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