Are Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars Healthy? Here Is The Answer

Are you searching for a tasty and healthy snack to enjoy on the go? If so, you may have come across Nature’s Bakery fig bars. 

Nature’s Bakery fig bars are bars made from whole wheat flour. They are marketed as a convenient and nutritious snack for active and busy people.

And while Nature’s Bakery fig bars are available in eight delicious fruity flavors, are they healthy for you?

Short answer: Nature’s Bakery fig bars can be a healthy snack option as they contain whole wheat flour, little sodium, and a moderate amount fiber and protein. However, they are high in sugar(19g per serving) and contain processed ingredients like cane sugar, canola oil and brown rice syrup making them not the healthiest choice.

Let’s deep dive into more about Nature’s Bakery fig bars, including their nutritional value, ingredients used, and various commonly asked questions.

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What are the ingredients in Nature’s Bakery fig bars?

The exact ingredients in Nature’s Bakery fig bars may vary depending on the flavor. 

However, some of the common ingredients that you will find across each flavor include whole wheat flour, cane sugar, fig paste, brown rice syrup, fruit jam(based on flavor), canola oil, whole grain oats, glycerin, fruit juice(for color), sea salt, natural flavor, citric acid, and baking soda.

Let’s learn a little about some of the ingredients.

Whole wheat flour: The first ingredient in Nature’s Bakery fig bars is whole wheat flour. It is a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Cane sugar: It is a type of sugar made from the juice of sugar cane. It is less processed and provides a higher sweetness level than table sugar.

Fig paste: Every flavor of Nature’s Bakery fig bars contains fig paste.

Brown rice syrup: It is a thick syrup made from brown rice, which is used as a sweetener.

Canola oil: It is a vegetable oil extracted from the rapeseed plant. It is low in saturated fat and high in monosaturated fat, making it a healthier alternative to other oils.

Glycerin: It is an odorless and viscous liquid used as a sweetener. It helps to keep food moist.

Sea salt: It is a type of salt derived from evaporated seawater and is a less processed alternative to table salt, with a higher mineral content.

How much sugar is in Nature’s Bakery fig bars?

Nature’s Bakery fig bars have high sugar content, with 19g of total sugar per 57g serving, 14g of which is added sugar. The added sugars come from cane sugar, brown sugar syrup, and glycerin. 

According to American Heart Association, men should consume less than 36g of sugar, while women should consume less than 24g.

Consuming just one serving of Nature’s Bakery fig bar touches around 52% of the daily sugar limit for men and 79% for women.

Although the sugars in the fig bars are less processed than other types of sugar, they can still be bad for your health if consumed in excess.

In fact, sugar is the main aspect where Nature’s Bakery fig bars can be considered unhealthy.

If compared to some of the popular granola bars such as Quaker big chewy, Nature valley, and GoMacro, Nature’s Bakery fig bars have the highest sugar content.

However, Nature’s Bakery fig bar uses less processed sugar type than these granola bars.

How much sodium is in Nature’s Bakery fig bars?

The Nature’s Bakery fig bars have 80mg of sodium per 57g of serving, which is relatively low compared to many other snacks on the market that tend to have excessive amounts.

The American Heart Association suggests that adults ideal daily sodium limit is 1500mg. One serving of Nature’s Bakery fig bar provides just 5% of this limit, making it a low-sodium snack option.

Additionally, Nature’s Bakery fig bars contain sea salt, which is less processed and has more minerals than table salt. However, both types of salt have the same amount of sodium.

If compared to popular snacks such as Pringles, Doritos, and Lays, the sodium content in Nature’s Bakery fig bars is nearly half. 

Here is a table showing a quick sodium comparison.

Nature’s Bakery fig bar57g80mg
Doritos nacho cheese28g210mg
Lays classic28g250mg

Are Nature’s Bakery fig bars a good source of fiber?

Nature’s baker fig bars are a moderate source of fiber containing 3g per 57g of serving. The original flavor contains the highest fiber, with 4g per serving.

Fiber is essential part of snacking as it provides satiety and health benefits such as healthy digestion, blood sugar control, and healthy heart.

If compared to other bars, Nature’s Bakery fig bars have either similar or higher fiber content.

Here is a table showing a quick fiber comparison.

Nature’s Bakery fig bars3-4g
Nature valley bars2-3g
Quaker big chewy bars0-3g
Nutri-grain bars1-3g
GoMacro bars2-3g
per serving

Are Nature’s Bakery fig bars good for weight loss?

Nature’s Bakery fig bars are not ideal for weight loss due to their high sugar content. However, they can still be part of a weight loss diet in moderation because they are low in sodium and have moderate fiber content.

One serving of Nature’s Bakery fig bars contains 200 calories. If you consume two servings in a day, that could be approximately 27% of the daily limit of a 1500-calorie diet for weight loss. This might hinder your weight loss efforts.

However, compared to other snacking options, Nature’s Bakery fig bars are a better option for weight loss as long as they are consumed in moderation.

Remember that weight loss depends not only on a single food item but on your overall diet and level of physical activity. 

Are Nature’s Bakery fig bars processed? 

Nature’s Bakery fig bars are processed as they contain ingredients like cane sugar, brown rice syrup, canola oil, and sea salt.

Even though these ingredients have undergone less processing, consuming too much of them can still harm your health. 

However, despite being processed, Nature’s Bakery fig bars are not as unhealthy as other processed snacks like potato chips, cookies made with refined flour, twinkies, or soda.

Are Nature’s Bakery fig bars gluten-free? 

Nature’s Bakery fig bars come in both gluten-free and regular varieties. The gluten-free options are available in raspberry, pomegranate, and blueberry flavors.

Nature’s Bakery gluten-free fig bars are made with brown rice flour as the main ingredient, along with gluten-free grains like Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Sorghum, and Teff. 

Although the exact ingredients may vary by flavor, the gluten-free fig bars mostly contain similar ingredients to the regular varieties. 

Additionally, gluten-free fig bars have lower amounts of added sugar and sodium than regular varieties.

Are Nature’s Bakery fig bars vegan?

According to Nature’s Bakery official website, all of their snacks are plant-based and suitable for vegans.

However, if you look at the ingredients list, you may come across certain questionable ingredients, such as cane sugar and glycerin, which may raise doubts about their vegan status as these can be obtained from both plant and animal sources.

But, According to Nature’s Bakery, the cane sugar used in the fig bars is organic, and the glycerine used is plant-based.

Nature’s Bakery also uses unrevealed natural flavors among its bars, but they claim these artificial flavors are also plant-based.

In conclusion, if you are looking for vegan-friendly options, Nature’s Bakery fig bars are suitable. 

Final words

In conclusion, Nature’s Bakery fig bars can be a healthy snack option due to their use of whole wheat flour, low sodium, and moderate fiber content. However, they are high in sugar(especially added), therefore, it’s important to consume them in moderation.

Despite this, they are a healthier alternative to many other snacks or bars, as they use less processed ingredients, come in gluten-free options, and are a suitable snack for those who follow a vegan diet.

In addition, they don’t have any artificial additives, such as color, flavor preservatives, or sweeteners.

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