5 Reasons Why Cornflakes Are Not Good For Weight Loss

Corn flakes have been the most popular breakfast for people around the globe. From kids to adults, cornflakes have been the go-to cereal for everyone. They are easily available, delicious, and get prepared without much effort.

While cornflakes are a delicious and effortless way to start your day, are they good for weight loss? Can eating them regularly help you maintain a healthy weight?

In short, cornflakes are not good for weight loss, as they are loaded with sugar in the form of corn syrup or other sweeteners. Additionally, they are quite low in nutrients which do not help satisfy the hunger for a long time and keep you indulging in other foods, eventually leading to overeating.

In this post, I have explained 5 reasons why eating cornflakes is not good for weight loss and could hinder your weight loss efforts.

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5 Reasons why cornflakes are not good for weight loss

Reasons to avoid cornflakes for weight loss

1. Added sugar

Cornflakes are often considered a good breakfast option, but many varieties of cornflakes come with lots of added sugar.

This added sugar can be in the form of table sugar, liquid glucose, malt syrup, honey, molasses or artificial sweeteners.

Consuming these type of cornflakes is not an ideal choice for those looking to lose weight.

In addition, eating these sugar-loaded cornflakes daily in your breakfast increases the risk of excess fat in your body, which might lead to further complications in the future such as obesity, overweight or diabetes.

2. High in sodium

Most of the cornflakes in the market contain high sodium(salt) levels.

And while sodium is a crucial mineral to regulate the balance of water and minerals in the body, studies have shown that eating too much of it can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Another study shows that the excess salt intake is directly linked to an increased risk of obesity by 28% in children and 26% in adults.

In addition, higher sodium intake is significantly related to higher body fat mass in both children and adults.

3. Lack of nutrients

It is a common misconception that weight gain is solely caused by consuming too many calories. While calories are certainly a factor, other factors can lead to weight gain, such as a lack of nutrients in the food we eat.

Most available cornflakes in the market do not contain an acceptable amount of nutrients.

As a result, they don’t satisfy our body’s needs, and we tend to crave more food, resulting in overeating and weight gain.

Even studies have shown that deficiencies in micronutrients can slow down glucose metabolism and cause insulin resistance, resulting in weight gain.

4. Corn flakes are processed

While cornflakes are a popular breakfast food, many of you might not know they are highly processed.

Processed foods have been changed from their natural state, and they are often high in sugar and calories with little nutritional value.

Many studies show that eating highly processed food increases weight and body fat.

In addition, processed foods often come with additives, such as hydrogenated oils and synthetic preservatives, which make them softer and easier to chew and swallow.

As a result, a person tends to eat a large portion of them without realizing it.

5. High glycemic index

If you want to lose weight, you need to keep your eye on the glycemic index of foods.

The glycemic index (GI) ranks carbohydrates on a scale from 0 to 100 based on how quickly they raise blood sugar levels.

Cornflakes are considered a high glycemic food valued at 70 or more.

Studies have shown that consuming foods high in the glycemic index has been linked to body fat gain or promoting weight gain.

In addition, they are also linked to an increased risk of obesity and diabetes.

How to eat cornflakes for weight loss?

Is it possible to eat cornflakes without risking your weight?

Yes, it is possible!

Although you might not lose weight by eating cornflakes, you can certainly maintain your weight or prevent cornflakes from impeding your weight loss efforts.

When purchasing cornflakes, be sure to look for the following:

  • Choose cornflakes with no added sugar or those containing less than 5g of sugar per 100g serving.
  • Choose cornflakes that are free from unnecessary additives, such as hydrogenated or industrial oils, preservatives, artificial flavours, and different forms of sugar or syrup.
  • Choose cornflakes with low sodium levels, below 400mg per 100g serving.
  • Choose cornflakes with good amounts of nutrients, such as protein and fiber.

Additionally, to help yourself maintain a healthy weight, you can add fruits and nuts to cornflakes to make them more nutritious. Also, skip the sugar you add from your side, or limit it to a minimum quantity.

Final words

So the next time you crave for cornflakes, remember that they are not good for weight loss and could actually hinder your all the efforts.

After all, they are high in sugar, sodium and made from corn, which is a starchy grain. And we all know that starch is fattening, right?

However, if you love cornflakes and are able to find ideal cornflakes in the market, go for it.

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