Glucon D: Everything You Should Know (Benefits + Side effects)

Summer is finally here, and along with it, the onslaught of instant energy drinks. The market is flooded with various instant energy drinks in order to help people power through the day. One of the popular drinks that people often drink during summer in India is Glucon D.

Glucon D is an instant energy drink(in the form of powder) that contains glucose, which helps replenish your body’s glucose and provides you with energy. It is known as India’s No. 1 glucose powder brand.

However, people often ask if glucon d is good for their health. What are the benefits of glucon d? Are there any side effects? This post will explore everything you need to know about glucon d, such as its benefits, side effects, ingredients, and nutrition value. So that you can make an informed decision about drinking it or not.

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Nutrition in Glucon D

Here is the table for the nutrition value of 100 grams glucon d:

NutrientsRegularTangy OrangeNimbu pani
Vitamin C50mg40mg40mg
Vitamin D300IUNANA

Glucon D is manufactured and marketed by Heinz India Pvt. Ltd. It is made specifically for drinking in the summer to provide your body with instant energy. It comes in a variety of flavours, including:

  • Regular
  • Tangy orange
  • Mango punch
  • Nimbu pani

The regular flavour of Glucon D contains 99% glucose, while other flavours have about only 40% of it. Also, the regular flavour has 10% more vitamin C and higher calcium and phosphorus levels. Moreover, there is no labelling of Vitamin D in other flavours except regular. So, it’s hard to say whether they have vitamin D or not.

The regular flavour is 99% glucose, so it doesn’t contain any sugar, whereas other flavours contain a high amount of sucrose or table sugar.

Glucon d is high in carbohydrates which is the main reason for the instant energy.

Ingredients in Glucon D

  • Glucose
  • Minerals (Calcium phosphates)
  • Vitamin D2
  • Sucrose
  • Acidity regulators (330)
  • Common edible salt
  • Vitamin C
  • Colour (110)

Benefits of Glucon D

Glucon D has been around for a long time, consumed by many. It has a number of benefits that have made it one of the most popular products in its category. Some of the key benefits of Glucon D are as follows:

Provide Instant energy

Glucon d is a good source of simple carbohydrates such as glucose and sucrose, which gives an instant kick of energy to your body when you consume.

It would be best to drink the regular flavour of glucon d as it has 99% of glucose, which is the preferable source of energy for your body.

It prevents weakness and fatigue

Summer is the time of year when many people feel weak and fatigued. This is because the weather is hot and humid, and there is more daylight than usual.

Drinking glucon D during this time not only provides you instant energy but also helps you prevent weakness and fatigue.

Cools your body down

When the temperature is high and you feel like you are about to faint due to the heat, drinking two tablespoons of Glucon D mixed with water can help cool the body down.

In addition, it will also help you prevent dehydration which is the most common problem during summer.

Helps in muscle recovery

Glucon d contains Glucose, a sugar molecule essential for the body to create energy. When you exercise, your muscles use glucose to contract. If you do not have enough glucose, your muscles will not be able to work as hard or as long as they should. This can lead to decreased performance and delayed muscle recovery.

Drinking glucon D 30 minutes before a workout can provide an energy boost, improve your endurance, and help you exercise harder for an extended period.

Helps in overall health

Glucon d doesn’t contain a variety of nutrients for your body. It contains very few nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus. However, glucon d is a good instant energy drink if drank in moderation and only in certain situations.

Important note: The above benefits of glucon d are only applicable when you drink regular flavour as it has no added sugar, colours and preservatives.

Side effects of Glucon D

Artificial Colours are added

Apart from the regular one, all other flavours of the glucon d contain added colours and preservatives.

The artificial colours used in foods are known to cause allergies, DNA damage, hyperactivity, headaches, vomiting and hormonal changes.

Loaded with sugar

Flavours of glucon d might be seen as a quick and easy way to get an energy boost, but they are loaded with sugar that can be harmful to your health.

It can also cause problems with your blood sugar levels and contribute to weight gain.

Risk of weight gain

The food you eat, your body already converts it into glucose for energy. And most of the time, this glucose is often enough for the body.

If you are consuming drinks like glucon d, which also gives you glucose. In that case, your body can get overloaded with glucose, resulting in a weight gain.

Glucose is a simple sugar, and when the body gets overloaded with the sugar, it stores the excess sugar as fat, which starts to cause weight gain.

Not for everyone

Glucon d might not be the ideal energy drink for everyone. If you have been going through obesity or high blood sugar levels, it’s best to avoid glucon d.

Drink glucon d only in certain situations like when you feel low, come home from outside, do a heavy sweating work, or play long hour games.

Final words

Is glucon d good for the health?

Overall, Glucon D is an excellent choice for people who require a quick energy boost or who are dehydrated. It has numerous benefits, including instant energy, cooling your body down, preventing fatigue, and promoting muscle recovery.

However, it should not become a regular part of your day. Drink it only in specific situations, such as when you are exhausted or have low energy levels.

Also, avoid flavoured glucon d because it contains a lot of sugar and artificial colours.

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Meanwhile, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about glucon d.

Glucon D – FAQs

Does glucon d contain sugar?

The flavoured varieties of glucon d such as tangy orange, mango punch and nimbu pani contains a lot of sugar which isn’t good for your health.

How much glucon d per day?

Limit you glucon d consumption to only 2 glasses a day(1 tablespoon glucon powder per glass) and that’s too only when you have low energy levels. It should not be consumed like regular water.

Can I take glucon D as pre workout?

Yes, taking glucon D as a pre-workout  is safe. It could assist you in obtaining quick energy to begin your workout. However, If you have diabetes, you should avoid taking it because it may cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

Can we drink glucon d during workout?

If you are drinking regular flavour of glucon d than it is fine. However the flavoured glucon d is not an ideal choice to drink during workout as it is loaded with lot of sugars and preservatives.

is glucon d good for diabetic patients?

Glucon d is high in glucose and sugar which can spike the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Therefore, it’s better to avoid it.

Can I drink glucon d daily?

Yes, drinking glucon on a daily basis is safe. However, because of the high sugar content, it may cause weight gain if consumed in excess. Also glucon d is not made to be consumed on a daily basis, it should be consumed in certain situation, such as when you are tired and have low energy levels.

Is glucon d good for weight loss?

No, due to the high sugar content, glucon d is not recommended for weight loss. It’s a instant energy drink, not a weight-loss drink.

is glucon d good for liver?

Drinking glucon d is generally safe for your liver. However, If you have a liver problem, you should avoid drinking glucon d because the high sugar content in it can harm your liver.

Can I drink glucon d in empty stomach?

You should avoid drinking glucose on an empty stomach first thing in the morning because it can raise your blood sugar levels and cause complications. Instead, start your day with a glass of plain water.

What are different glucon d flavours?

Currently, there are 4 flavours of glucon d in the market and these are: Regular
Tangy orange
Mango punch
Nimbu pani

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