Is Coco Wheats Healthy? The Truth About This Hot Cereal

If you are a fan of hot cereal, you might have come across Coco wheats.

Coco wheats is a type of hot cereal made from milled wheat(Farina) and cocoa powder. It is known for its creamy texture and chocolate flavor and has been a popular breakfast option since 1930.

In fact, for most people, Coco wheats is a childhood memory they have been eating for years.

And, while it’s delicious and easy to prepare, is Coco wheats healthy?

Short answer: Coco wheats is not the most nutritious and healthy hot breakfast cereal option due to it’s low protein and fiber content and use of artificial flavors. However you can consume it in moderation as a part of balanced diet.

Let’s dive deeper into Coco wheats, including it’s ingredients, protein, fiber content and much more.

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What are the ingredients in Coco wheats?

The ingredient list of Coco wheats is quite small.

Coco wheats is made up of Wheat farina, Cocoa powder, Natural and artificial flavor and caramel color.

Let’s know about each of the ingredients.

Wheat farina: It is a type of flour made from grinding wheat kernels into a fine powder. It is high in carbohydrates and low in fat, with a good source of essential nutrients such as iron and B vitamins.

Cocoa powder: It is a powder made from the seeds of the cocoa bean. It is used to give Coco wheats the chocolate flavor.

Natural & artificial flavor:  Coco wheats uses natural and artificial flavors to improve the taste. However, wheat and how many of these flavors are used are not disclosed.

This can be concerning for individuals who have a food sensitivity.

Caramel color: It is a water-soluble food color that gives the Coco wheats light yellow to dark brown color. It is produced by heating sugar and is generally safe to eat.

How much fiber is in Coco wheats?

Coco wheats is low in fiber containing only 1g per serving(31g). That’s not even 5% of the daily recommended fiber.

Fiber is an important part of breakfast that helps to promote satiety and digestive health. However, since Coco Wheats are low in fiber, they might not keep you full for a long time after consuming them.

Therefore, if you choose to include Coco Wheats in your breakfast cereal, it’s important to pair it with fiber-rich foods. 

Here is how Coco wheats is compared to other popular hot breakfast cereals in terms of fiber content.

Hot cereal brandsServing(g)Fiber(g)
Coco wheats311
Cream of wheat(original)351
Quaker oat bran hot cereal405
Krusteaz quick hot cereal344
Malt-o-meal original hot cereal351

How much protein is in Coco wheats?

Coco wheats is low in protein containing just 3g per serving(31g). That’s not even equal to the protein present in a single egg(6g).

While Coco wheats itself has low protein, pairing it with milk can help to increase its protein content. 

For example, adding a cup of milk (250ml) to a serving of Coco Wheats can increase the protein content to 12g, which is a good improvement.

Here is how Coco wheats is compared to other popular hot breakfast cereals in terms of protein content.

Hot cereal brandsServing(g)Protein(g)
Coco wheats313
Cream of wheat(original)352
Quaker oat bran hot cereal406
Krusteaz quick hot cereal345
Malt-o-meal original hot cereal355

Is Coco wheats a good source of Iron?

Coco wheats is a good source of iron, containing 10.8mg per serving(31g). That’s over 100% of the daily recommended iron for men and 70% for women.

Here is how Coco wheats is compared to other popular hot breakfast cereals in terms of protein content.

Hot cereal brandsServing(g)Iron(mg)
Coco wheats3110.8
Cream of wheat(original)353.6
Quaker oat bran hot cereal402.6
Krusteaz quick hot cereal341.2
Malt-o-meal original hot cereal3510.8

Is Coco wheats good for weight loss?

Coco wheats is sugar-free, thereby making it good for weight loss. 

However, people often add sugar to make it taste sweet, which is a bad idea as it can lead to a high sugar and low fiber combination, making it unsuitable for weight loss.

In addition, Coco wheats contain a relatively high amount of carbohydrates, with 24g of carbs per serving. 

While carbs are the primary energy source, consuming too many can lead to weight gain if they are not burned off through physical activity.

Note that Coco wheats alone are unlikely to cause weight gain. But adding too much sugar can hinder weight loss efforts.

Remember that weight loss depends not on one specific food but on your overall diet and lifestyle.

Is Coco wheats good for diabetics? Coco wheats is not the best food option for diabetics as it is high in carbohydrates and low in fiber.

Is Coco wheats gluten-free?

Coco wheats is not gluten-free as it is made from wheat.

Is Coco wheats vegan?

The ingredients like Wheat farina, Cocoa powder and Caramel color in Coco wheats are vegan friendly.

However, the use of natural and artificial flavors makes it uncertain whether Coco wheats is truly vegan or not. 

The source of these flavors is unknown, so it is difficult to determine whether these are animal-derived or not.

Therefore, it’s difficult to say whether Coco wheats is vegan or not.

Final words

Coco wheats is not the most nutritious and healthy hot breakfast cereal option out there due to it’s low protein and fiber content. In addition, it contain artificial flavors which raise health concerns for most individuals.

However, Coco wheats still has some positive aspects such as being made from wheat and containing zero sugar and sodium while being high in iron.

If consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, Coco wheats can still be a tasty and quick breakfast hot cereal.

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