Are Aussie Bites Healthy? The Truth About These Cookies

Are you looking for something delicious and healthy to munch on that won’t make you feel guilty? If so, you might have come across Aussie bites.

Aussie bites are popular oats-based cookies that originated in Australia. The cookies typically come in small and round shapes with chewy bits of seeds, dried fruit, and various other ingredients.

And while they are marketed as organic and delicious snacks, are Aussie bites healthy?

Short answer: Aussie bites might not be the healthiest cookies available because they contain added sugar(8g per cookie). However, they can still be a healthy addition to your diet if consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

Let’s deep dive into more about Aussie bites, including their nutritional value, ingredients, and some commonly asked questions.

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Nutritional value of Aussie bites

A single serving(26g) or one cookie of Aussie bites provides the following nutrition.

  • Calories: 130
  • Carbohydrates: 16g
  • Sugar: 8g
  • Fat: 7g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Sodium: 90mg

What are the ingredients in Aussie bites?

Aussie bites are primarily made up of rolled oats as a base ingredient and include other nutritious and healthy ingredients such as:

  • Oat flour
  • Unsalted butter
  • Canola oil
  • Sugar
  • Cane and invert sugar
  • Raisins
  • Flaxseeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dried apricots, 
  • Quinoa 
  • Shredded coconut

The cookies are sweetened with honey and sugar and then baked into bite-sized portions.

In addition, all the ingredients in Aussie bites are organic, which means they are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

How much sugar is in Aussie bites?

Aussie bites are high in sugar containing 8g per 1 cookie serving(26g). Though, it is not clear how much of this sugar is natural and how much is added.

The added sugar in Aussie bites comes from added sugar, cane sugar, and invert sugar. 

As per American Heart Association, the recommended daily sugar limit is 36g for men and 24g for women. 

Consuming just one serving of Aussie bites can provide up to 22% and 33% of the daily limit for men and women.

While this may not be a significant amount of sugar, it’s important to keep in mind that many people may eat more than one serving, which would increase their sugar consumption.

Although the sugar in Aussie bites may be listed as organic, it is important to note that it is not necessarily healthier or nutritionally superior to non-organic sugar. 

If consumed in excess, organic sugar can have the same negative impact on health as regular table sugar. 

Here is a table comparing the sugar content of Aussie bites to other popular cookie brands: 

Cookie brandServing sizeTotal sugar(g)
Aussie bites26g(one cookie)8
Oreo14g(three cookie)14
Grandma’s cookies35g(one cookie)12
Fiber one cookie31g(one cookie)9
Lenny and Larry’s cookies57g(half cookie)12

Are Aussie bites high in protein and fiber?

Aussie bites are generally considered a good source of protein and fiber. That’s because they are made up of wholesome ingredients such as oats, seeds, and dried fruits.

Each serving of Aussie bites cookies contains 2g of protein and fiber, which is neither too good nor bad.

If compared to other available cookies, Aussie bites have higher levels of both protein and fiber.

Here is a table comparing the protein and fiber content of Aussie bites to other popular cookie brands:

Cookie brandServing sizeProtein(g)Fiber(g)
Aussie bites26g(one cookie)22
Oreo14g(three cookies)1<1
Grandma’s cookies(oatmeal raisin)35g(one cookie)22
Fiber one cookie(oatmeal raisin)31g(one cookie)15
Lenny and Larry’s cookies(chocolate chip)57g(half cookie)58

How much sodium is in Aussie bites?

While sodium is an essential part of the diet, most cookies and snacks are loaded with too much of it.

However, that’s not the case with Aussie bites.

Each Aussie bites cookie serving contains 90mg of sodium, which is just 6% of the ideal daily limit. 

This makes these cookies ideal for those on a low-sodium diet or people with high blood pressure.

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Are Aussie bites good for weight loss?

Aussie bites are not an ideal for weight loss due to their high sugar and calorie content. However, you can still eat them in moderation as they contain protein and fiber.

Protein and fiber in Aussie bites will help you feel full and satisfied for some time. 

Remember that weight loss doesn’t depend on only one food but on your overall diet and lifestyle. The key to weight loss is consuming fewer calories than your burn or vice versa.

Are Aussie bites good for diabetics?

Aussie bites are not the best snack for people with diabetes due to their high sugar content. 

However, they can be consumed in moderation as they are made from whole grains and contain protein and fiber.

Are Aussie bites gluten-free?

Aussie bites naturally don’t contain gluten. However, they are typically manufactured in facilities that also process wheat products. As a result, they are not considered gluten-free and are not marketed as such. 

Are Aussie bites vegan?

Aussie bites are not vegan as they contain ingredients like honey and milk.

Final words

Aussie bites might not give you a significant amount of nutrition for your daily need, but they can be a healthy snack option if consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

They are made with organic ingredients such as oats, quinoa , seeds, and dried fruits that provide healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They are also a good energy source and can be a convenient on-the-go snack.

However, it is important to remember that Aussie bites are high in sugar and may not be the best option for losing weight or if you have diabetes.

But they are better than many other cookies or snack options available in the market.

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