Is Mogu Mogu Healthy? 5 Reasons To Avoid This Drink

Mogu Mogu is a popular fruit juice drink that made it’s mark in Thailand in 2001. 

Since then, it has become one of the most popular drinks in more than 60 countries.

The drink is made up of 25% real fruit juice and 25% chewy nata de coco(coconut jelly), made from flavorful bites of young coconut.

And, while the drink comes in various fruity flavors, is Mogu mogu healthy for you?

Short answer: Mogu mogu is not healthy as it is low in nutrients and extremely high in sugar(29 to 37g per serving). In addition, it contain many harmful ingredients such artificial color, flavors and preservatives.

Let’s deep dive into more about Mogu mogu drink, including it’s nutritional value and ingredients.

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Nutritional value of Mogu mogu drink

The nutritional value of Mogu mogu drink varies depending on the flavor. 

However, in general, Mogu mogu drinks are high in sugar and low in fiber, with zero protein. They contain some amount of calcium, sodium, and iron.

Here is the nutritional value of some of the Mogu mogu drink flavors.

Mogu mogu flavorCaloriesCarbs(g)Sugar(g)Fiber(g)Sodium(mg)
per 300ml serving

What is Mogu mogu drink made up of?

The Mogu mogu drink is made up of a variety of ingredients such as water, Fruit juice(based on flavor), 25% Nata de coco, Invert sugar, Sugar, Acidity regulators(E330, E327), Preservatives(E202, E211), Stabilizer(E418), Natural color(150g), Artificial colors(E124, E122, E102), and artificial flavors.

Let’s know a little about some of the ingredients. 

  • Nata de coco: It is a white-colored jelly-like substance made from fermented coconut water. Every Mogu mogu drink contains 25% of this jelly.
  • Invert sugar: It is a sweetener made from a mix of table sugar and water. It is mainly used to prevent crystallization as it is more water-soluble than regular sugar.
  • Acidity regulators: These are food additives used to maintain the ph levels of the Mogu mogu drink.
  • Preservatives: These are additives used to maintain the shelf life of the food product.
  • Stabilizer: Mogu Mogu uses stabilizers in its drink to improve the texture and consistency.
  • Artificial colors: Mogu mogu uses a variety of artificial colors to give bright colors to its drink, which is a health concern.

5 Reasons Mogu mogu drink is not healthy

1. High in sugar

Mogu mogu drink is extremely high in sugar, ranging from 29g to 37g per 300ml, depending on the flavor.

According to the American heart association, men should not consume more than 36g of sugar, while women should not consume more than 25g of sugar.

Drinking just one serving of Mogu mogu exceeds 80% of the daily limit for men and exceeds 100% for women. 

In fact, some flavors of Mogu mogu drink contain even more sugar than carbonated drinks like Coco cola or Pepsi.

Additionally, the nutritional information does not specify how much of the sugar is from natural sources and how much is added, but it’s very likely that a significant amount is added sugar. 

Drinking Mogu mogu frequently can result in various health issues in the long run, such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Obesity 
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease etc.

If compared to other popular fruit juice brands, Mogu mogu has almost same or sometime more sugar.

Here is a quick comparison for orange flavor:

Juice brandAdded sugar(g)Total sugar(g)
Mogu mogunot on the package29
Tropicananot on the package30
Paper boat21.732.2
B Natural25.530.7
Raw pressery021.9
per 250ml serving

2. Low in fiber

Mogu mogu drink is marketed as full of fruit fibers, but in reality, it contains just 1g of fiber per serving. That’s not even 5% of the daily needed fiber.

Fiber is an essential part of the fruit that gives you a feeling of satiety for a long time and protects you from overeating. Additionally, it also helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Although the Mogu mogu contains coconut jelly, a commonly considered good source of dietary fiber, the processing eliminates much of this fiber. 

3. Low in nutrients

Mogu mogu might provide a refreshing taste, but it is not nutritious drinks options.

Although it contain 25% of real fruit juice, it doesn’t have even 25% of the real fruit nutrients.

For example, one serving of Mogu Mogu orange juice only has 47mg of calcium, 190mg of sodium, no protein, and no other vitamins or minerals. 

In contrast, an orange is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, folate, potassium, thiamine, and many other nutrients.

The lack of these nutrients in Mogu Mogu is likely due to the processing involved, making it a less nutritious drink option.

4. Loaded with artificial colors

Mogu mogu drink isloaded with various artificial colors, such as cochineal red(E124), carmoisine(E122), and tartrazine(E102).

Although these colors are considered safe by the food authorities(in moderate amounts), they are associated with various health issues.

For example, Cochineal red has been linked to hyperactivity in children and problems with asthmatics[1]. It’s also banned as a carcinogen in some countries.

Carmoisine, when consumed in combination with benzoates (present as a preservative in Mogu Mogu), is suspected of causing hyperactivity in children.

Meanwhile, Tartrazine has been associated with allergies, anxiety, hyperactivity, and abdominal pain and has been found to contain carcinogens[2][3].

It’s also worth noting that these artificial colors are banned in countries such as the US, Norway, Sweden, and Austria.

5. Packed with artificial flavor and preservatives

Mogu mogu drink is packed with artificial flavors and preservatives, which may pose health risks over time.

The processing of fruits to make juice not only eliminates the nutrients but also it’s actual flavor. As a result, fruit juice brands need to add artificial flavors to mimic the same flavor and taste.

Additionally, To enhance the flavor, Mogu Mogu uses preservatives such as sodium benzoate, which has been linked with Inflammation, neurodevelopmental disorders in children, oxidative stress, and allergies[4][5][6].

The addition of all these artificial additives makes Mugo Mugo an unnatural, artificially prepared fruit drink.

Is Mogu mogu healthy for kids? 

Mogu mogu is not an ideal drink for kids as it has extremely high levels of sugar, which can increase the risk of weight gain, obesity, dental cavities, and diabetes in the future.

The American Heart Association recommends that children limit their daily sugar intake to 24g. However, a single serving of Mogu Mogu exceeds this limit easily. 

Additionally, Mogu mogu is not a good source of nutrients and is loaded with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that have been linked to hyperactivity in children.

If you want to give your children the benefits of fruit, teach them to eat the whole fruit or look for fruit drinks made from 100% fruit juices with no artificial additives. 

Is Mogu mogu good for weight loss?

Mogu mogu is not good for weight loss, mainly due to its high sugar content. It also has low levels of nutrients such as fiber which play an important role in weight loss.

Remember that weight loss depends not only on one food but on your overall diet and lifestyle.

To achieve weight loss, you must focus on a healthy diet that is low in calories and sugar and high in nutrients, along with regular physical activity.

Is Mogu mogu good for boosting energy?

Mogu mogu may help you provide a quick energy boost, but that energy may not last long.

Mogu mogu marketed as energy booster drink, likely due to it’s high sugar content, which is quickly converted into glucose in the body and provides a quick boost of energy.

However, it is crucial to note that this energy will not last long, and you may experience a drop in energy levels later.

Is Mogu mogu better than soda?

From a health point of view, both Mogu mogu and soda are not good for you as they are high in sugar, low in nutrients, and contains artificial additives.

However, when considering the two, Mogu mogu might be the better option because it contains fruit juice and some natural sugar, while soda only has added sugar. 

Additionally, soda’s acidity may result in digestive problems for some individuals, whereas the risk of such issues with Mogu mogu is low. 

Final words

Despite containing chunks of Nata de coco(coconut jelly) and being made from 25% real fruit juice, Mogu mogu is not a healthy choice.

This is because it is extremely high in sugar, low in nutrients(especially fiber), and contains many artificial ingredients such as colors, flavors, and preservatives that pose various health risks.

Even consuming Mogu mogu occasionally might not be a good idea due to its use of artificial ingredients.

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