Is Upma Healthy? 8 Benefits Of This Forgotten Breakfast

In this fast-moving world, we have become accustomed to instant gratification with things like instant delivery, instant cabs, and instant food. As a result, most of us have turned to breakfast cereals like cornflakes and chocos, despite knowing that they aren’t healthy or fulfilling for us.

We have forgotten many traditional Indian breakfast dishes that are not only easy to make but are also healthy and nutritious. One of these healthy breakfast options is Upma.

Upma is a popular traditional south Indian breakfast dish made from semolina, also known as sooji.

Despite its popularity, upma is often forgotten when it comes to healthy breakfast options. This is because semolina is typically considered to be an unhealthy carb. However, upma is actually a very nutritious and healthy option for you.

From being a good source of fiber and Iron to good for heart health and weight loss, including upma in your diet has many benefits for your health.

Here are 8 Benefits of upma that make it a very healthy and nutritious option for you.

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8 Benefits that make upma healthy for you

8 Benefits that makes upma healthy

Promote digestion

Upma is an excellent source of dietary fiber to start your day with.

Although the fiber content of the upma is based on the ingredients used, if you use vegetables like peas, carrots, and beans, the fiber content can be really good, up to 5g per 100g serving.

This amount of dietary fiber is significant compared to other quick but unhealthy breakfast options.

Eating a good amount of fiber in your breakfast helps to keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day. It also promotes digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, and prevents constipation.

Good source of Iron

Upma is an easy breakfast option that is also high in Iron, providing upto 4mg of Iron per 100g serving.

It is a great option for those who frequently feel tired, weak, or at risk of anemia.

Even women who are in their pregnant phase can include this iron-rich breakfast option in their diet.

Good for diabetes

Upma is beneficial for diabetes due to its low glycemic index.

One of Upma’s advantages for diabetics is its fiber content. Dietary fiber in upma assists in maintaining a balanced blood sugar level.

It is also a good source of magnesium which, as per studies, helps improve insulin sensitivity by 10% and reduce blood sugar by 37%.

However, as most upmas are made from rava or sooji, which is high in carbs, it is crucial to keep your intake in moderation.

Good for heart health

A bowl of upma in your breakfast can be a great way to keep your heart healthy. This is because upma is a good source of heart-healthy nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and selenium.

As per studies, magnesium plays a crucial role in hypertension, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, and dyslipidemia, while selenium helps to lower your blood cholesterol.

In addition, potassium helps to regulate your heart function by preventing heart arrhythmias and proper muscle functioning.

Good for weight loss

Although trendy breakfast options like cornflakes, chocos, muffins, or pancakes might temporarily stave off hunger, they come with too much sugar, salt, and calories. This raises your likelihood of gaining excess fat and weight.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with upma.

Being low in calories and high in fiber and other essential nutrients having upma in your diet can be an excellent food for weight loss.

Just be sure to watch how much oil you use and avoid adding too much salt and sugar.

Rich in antioxidants

Whether it’s sooji, beans, peas, onions, cashews, or other ingredients that go into making upma, all are great sources of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are an essential part of a healthy diet as they help to minimize the damage caused to your cells by harmful toxins.

Getting antioxidants in your diet also helps reduce cardiovascular health risks and inflammation and slow down the aging process.

It can be mixed with lots of healthy ingredients

The best thing about having upma in your breakfast or snack is that you get complete control over the ingredients, which is not possible with highly processed breakfast options these days.

You can add many healthy ingredients to your umpa, such as dry fruits and vegetables of your choice.

In addition, to make it more healthful, you can replace refined or vegetable oil with ghee or olive oil.

Easy and quick to prepare

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides you with the nutrients and energy needed to start your day.

However, many people feel lazy while preparing breakfast. As a result, they may end up eating unhealthy foods or skipping breakfast altogether.

However, if you include upma, it is easy and quick to prepare.

In fact, a simple, nutritious upma recipe can be prepared in 15-20 minutes.

Final words

Including upma as a breakfast option can be a great way to provide nutrients to your body without risking your health. From weight loss to improving heart health and promoting digestion, it can help you in many ways.

Plus, it’s easy and quick to make.

Give it a try the next time you’re looking for something healthy to eat!

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