Proteinx Vs Horlicks Protein Plus: Which Is Better Protein Powder?

Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus are two of the most common protein powders on the market.

Both the protein powders are loaded with high-quality protein that can help you build muscles or meet your daily protein needs. In addition, both the protein powders are fortified with many vitamins and minerals.

However, there are some key differences between them. For example, Protinex comes with peanut or soy protein while Horlicks protein plus is a blend of three proteins, i.e., Whey, soy, and casein.

If you are looking for a quality budget protein powder and are confused between Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus, do not worry.

In this post, I am going to compare Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus in terms of

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition
  • Benefits

By the end of this post, you will have a clear understanding of which one is the better protein powder for you.

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What is proteinx?

Proteinx is one of the most popular budget-friendly protein powders in the Indian market. It has been specially designed to fill the protein gap in the diet of people above 30 years old.

Apart from being high in protein, it has been fortified with many essential nutrients that one needs on a daily basis.

It is available in many flavours, such as:

  • Original
  • Tasty chocolate
  • Vanilla delight
  • Lite
  • Mama (made for pregnant and lactating women)
  • Diabetes care (made for individuals with diabetes)
  • Junior (for children above two years of age)

What is Horlicks protein plus?

Horlicks protein plus is another budget-friendly protein powder in the Indian market. It has been designed for people aged 30 and above who need protein supplements in their diet.

The Horlicks protein plus claims that it helps provide about 30% of the daily protein needs for individuals.

In addition, similar to proteinx, it also has been fortified with many essential nutrients.

It comes in only two flavours, i.e., chocolate and vanilla.

Proteinx vs. Horlicks protein plus: Ingredients comparison

If you look at the ingredients of both the protein powder, you will find that they contain many of the same ingredients, such as sugar, malt or cereal extract, maltodextrin, and cocoa powder.

However, some ingredients are unique in both of them.

For example, proteinx contains skimmed milk powder, algal oil, stabilizer(Guar gum), and artificial sweetener (INS 955).

While on the other hand, Horlicks protein plus contains antioxidant(INS 305), natural colors (150d, 150c), emulsifier (INS 471), acidity regulators (INS (501(ii)), INS (500(ii))), and flavouring substances.

Both protein powders use FDA-approved ingredients that are safe if consumed as recommended.

However, if you have any medical conditions, you should monitor your intake of artificial sweeteners and maltodextrin. You should always consult your doctor before consuming food containing these two ingredients.

Proteinx vs. Horlicks protein plus: Nutrition comparison

Proteinx vs Horlicks protein plus nutrition comparison


Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus are excellent sources of protein.

A single 30g serving of proteinx provides 10.2g of protein. On the other hand, the same serving of Horlicks protein plus also provides the same amount of protein.

But the difference that makes is the number of proteins.

Proteinx original flavour contains hydrolyzed peanut protein, which is quickly absorbed by the body and easy to digest. All other flavours of proteinx contain soy protein.

On the other hand, Horlicks protein plus comes with three types of protein: whey, soy, and casein.

While both the protein powders contain the same amount of protein, Horlicks protein plus seems to be the better source of protein.

That’s because, in Horlicks protein plus, you get the benefits of multiple protein sources such as dairy (whey and casein) and plant (soy).

Whereas, in Proteinx, you get the benefits of only 1 plant-based protein (either peanut or soy) per supplement.

However, Proteinx contains skimmed milk powder which contains both casein and whey, but the levels are not high as compared to Horlicks protein plus.

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Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet that helps to promote regularity, lower cholesterol levels, and control blood sugar levels.

When it comes to fiber, proteinx is a better choice as it contains 4.5g of fiber per serving, which is 80% more than fiber in Horlicks protein plus.


When it comes to sugar, the less the supplement has, the more it is better.

If you choose to go with proteinx original, it has 8.7g of sugar per 30g serving, whereas the same amount of Horlicks protein plus comes with 4.5g of sugar.

While Horlicks protein plus is low in sugar, it does not comes with no added sugar flavours. In contrast, Proteinx comes with lite and chocolate flavour, with no added sugar.

However, it is important to note that these no added sugar flavours of proteinx use artificial sweeteners, which might be bad for some people.

So it is up to you whether you are more comfortable with sugar or artificial sweetener.

Vitamins and minerals

Proteinx original claims that it contains 17 essential vitamins and minerals that support immunity, strength, and energy. While on the other hand, the nutrition label of Horlicks protein plus is also packed with many vitamins and minerals.

However, if you look closely or compare the nutrients side by side, you will find that some nutrients are on higher levels in proteinx, and some are in Horlicks protein plus.

For example, Proteinx has higher levels of vitamin b1, b2, b7 A, E, and calcium, whereas Horlicks protein plus has higher levels of vitamin D, C, K, b5, b6, b9, b12, phosphorus, and iron.

Additionally, proteinx original comes with extra nutrients like vitamin b3 and choline, while Horlicks protein plus has niacin, zinc, and magnesium.

So in terms of vitamins and minerals, both the protein powders are even. It is up to you what nutrients you want high in your protein powder, and choose that one.

Proteinx vs. Horlicks protein plus: Benefits comparison

For muscle gain

Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus can help you gain muscles as both contain high-quality protein.

However, Horlicks protein plus is better than proteinx due to the presence of whey protein.

As per studies, whey protein has more effect on muscle growth factors than plant protein. Also, whey protein has a higher biological value than plant protein.

This means whey protein is more quickly absorbed in the body than plant protein, making it a better choice for post-workout.

In addition, plant-based proteins are generally high in calories which may result in a fat gain in the body. This is not the case with whey protein.

For immune system

Not only the protein but the efficiency of the immune system also start getting decrease as you grow older. And for that reason, it becomes important to include essential nutrients in your diet.

While Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus contains plenty of essential nutrients, proteinx is a better choice to boost the immune system.

This is because Proteinx is packed with immune nutrients like vitamins A, C, D, E, copper, zinc, selenium, iron, and folate, all of which are crucial for the growth of immune cells in the body.

While you may also find these nutrients in the Horlick protein plus, the levels are higher in the proteinx, especially in the lite flavour.

For stronger bones

A healthy body not only consists of good muscles but also strong bones.

Proteinx and Horlicks protein plus contain nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium for stronger bones.

However, choosing proteinx lite flavour is more beneficial for your bones as it has pretty high levels of calcium and magnesium.


Horlicks protein plus comes in only two flavours and is not targeted towards children or if you have specific needs.

While choosing proteinx gives you access to great flavours for every need, such as:

  • Proteinx mama (for pregnant or lactating women)
  • Proteinx lite (with high protein and fiber)
  • Proteinx junior (for kids)
  • Proteinx diabetes care (for people with diabetes)

Final words

You really can’t go wrong with either Proteinx or Horlicks protein plus. They’re both excellent supplements to increase your protein and other nutrient intakes.

In the end, It all comes down to what your preferences are in a protein supplement.

Choose Proteinx if:

  • You are lactose intolerant(original flavour)
  • You are vegan-friendly (original flavour)
  • You want protein powder for pre-workout (except original flavour)
  • you want high levels of vitamins and minerals (lite flavour)
  • You want a better immune system
  • You want a protein powder for kids(proteinx junior)
  • You are a mother (proteinx mama)
  • You have diabetes (proteinx diabetes care)
  • You want different flavours to try

Choose Horlicks protein plus if:

  • You want three high-quality proteins in a single drink
  • You want more effect on muscles growth
  • You want protein powder for post-workout
  • You are okay with the added sugar

I hope that with this information you will be able to found the right protein powder for yourself.

If you have any question, please ask them in the comment section.

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