Are Fiber One Brownies Healthy? Here Is The Answer

If you are someone who loves indulging in snacks or desserts, you might have come across Fiber one brownies.

Fiber One brownies are a type of sweet snack made by General Mills, a well-known food company. 

The brownies come in various delicious flavors, often marketed as low-calorie and high-fiber options for health-conscious individuals.

However, one common question that most people ask is whether Fiber One brownies are healthy.

Short answer: Fiber one brownies are healthy as they are high in fiber and low in calories, added sugar and sodium. However, they contain processed ingredients and therefore should be consumed in moderation.

Read on to learn more about Fiber One brownies, including their ingredients, sugar, fiber, protein content, and much more.

I’ll also explore whether Fiber One brownies are better than other brownies.

So let’s start.

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What are the ingredients in Fiber One brownies?

The exact ingredients in Fiber One brownies vary depending on the flavor. 

In general, Fiber One brownies are made primarily from Chicory root extract, Erythritol, Wheat Flour bleached, Vegetable glycerin, Canola oil, Sugarcane fiber, Sugar, Palm kernel and palm oil, Polydextrose, Sorbitol, Calcium caseinate.

They also contain some other ingredients in smaller amounts(2% or less), including whey protein concentrate, Egg white, Natural flavors, salt, soy lecithin, Stevia leaf extract, etc.

Let’s learn a little about some of these ingredients.

Chicory root extract: It is a natural ingredient derived from the chicory plant. It is a good source of fiber and is therefore used as the main ingredient in Fiber One brownies.

Erythritol: It is a sweetener often used as a sugar substitute. It is found naturally in some fruits and vegetables and can also be produced synthetically.

Compared to table sugar, it is 70% as sweet, calorie-free, and has a lower glycemic index than sugar.

Wheat flour bleached: It is a type of wheat flour treated with chemicals to give it a white color. It makes food products look appealing but makes them less nutritious.

Vegetable glycerin:  It is a clear, odorless liquid derived from vegetables, mostly used as a sweetener, thickener, and moisture-retaining agent.

Vegetable oils: Fiber One uses various vegetable oils such as canola or palm oil among its brownies. These vegetable oils are highly processed and often add empty calories to food products.

Sugarcane fiber: It is a type of dietary fiber derived from sugarcane. It is a soluble fiber that helps to add texture and bulk without affecting the taste or flavor of the food.

Polydextrose:  It is a synthetic carbohydrate that is used as a replacement for sugar, starch, and fat in food products. It’s also a good source of dietary fiber.

Sorbitol: It is a sweetener used as a sugar substitute, is 60% as sweet as sugar, and is low in calories. It is found naturally in fruits and vegetables but can also be prepared synthetically.

Calcium caseinate: It is a protein derived from milk used to improve the protein content of food products.

How much sugar is in Fiber One brownies?

Fiber One brownies are low in sugar containing just 2g per serving(25g), half of which is added sugar.

How does Fiber One achieve such a low sugar content? 

Fiber One brownies contain sugar alcohols or sweeteners such as erythritol and sorbitol.

A single serving of Fiber One brownies contains 6g of sugar alcohols.

Erythritol and sorbitol are low in calories and are not fully absorbed by the body. As a result, these sweeteners also contribute to the low-calorie content of the Fiber One brownies.

Additionally, unlike regular sugar, sugar alcohols do not have negative effects such as tooth decay and increased blood sugar levels[1].

However, it’s important to consume these sweeteners in moderation, as excessive intake can cause digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

Note: The safe recommended intake of sugar alcohol is 10-15g per day.

Do Fiber One brownies have a lot of fiber?

Fiber One brownies, as the name indicates, are an excellent source of fiber containing 6g per serving(25g). That’s about 28% of the daily fiber for women and 20% for men.

Fiber is one of the essential parts of a diet that helps to regulate digestion, keep regular and prevent constipation. It also helps you feel fuller for longer, so you don’t crave more food.

The fiber in brownies comes from fiber-rich ingredients such as chicory root extract, sugarcane fiber, and polydextrose.

Moreover, Fiber One brownies are a source of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

If you have been running short on fiber in your diet, Fiber One brownies can be a great option.

Are Fiber One brownies good for diabetics? Fiber One brownies can be considered good for diabetics as they are low in added sugar and high in fiber. In addition, they use sugar alcohol instead of sugar, making them a healthier alternative. 

How much protein is in Fiber One brownies?

Fiber One brownies are low in protein containing 2g per serving(25g). This protein comes from ingredients like calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate.

Can Fiber One brownies be included in muscle buildings diet?

Despite being low in protein, Fiber One brownies can be eaten in muscle building diet. 

This is because they are high in fiber, which takes longer to break down and provides more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Though, these brownies cannot be your primary source of protein.

How much sodium is in Fiber One brownies?

Fiber One brownies are low in sodium containing 90-100mg per serving(25g) depending on the flavor.

According to American Heart Association, the ideal daily sodium limit for adults is 1500mg daily.

Consuming a single serving of Fiber One brownies provides just 6% of this limit, making them a low-sodium food.

Fiber One brownies can be a good option to indulge in if you have high blood pressure issues or kidney issues.

Are Fiber One brownies good for weight loss?

Fiber One brownies can be considered good for weight loss as long as you limit yourself to one serving or no more than two.

A serving contains 70 calories, 2g of sugar, and 6g of fiber, making them a great addition to a weight loss diet.

The high fiber of these brownies will help you feel fuller for longer and prevent overeating. 

You can use these brownies as low-calorie and sugar snacks whenever hunger strikes. However, remember that weight loss depends on your overall diet and lifestyle. 

If you eat Fiber One brownies on one side and too many calorie-rich foods on the other, you will not lose weight and are more likely to gain weight. 

Are Fiber One brownies keto-friendly? Fiber One brownies are keto-friendly as they contain 5g of net carbs per serving.

Do Fiber One brownies make you poop? Fiber One brownies can help promote regularity due to their high fiber content. However, they may not necessarily make you poop more.

Are Fiber One brownies processed?

Fiber One brownies are processed food as they contain ingredients like bleached wheat flour, sugar, canola or palm oil, and vegetable glycerin.

Does this mean you should avoid Fiber One brownies?

Despite being processed, Fiber One brownies are good to eat in moderation due to their low calories and sugar and high fiber content.

They are better than other highly processed foods such as sugar loaded sodas, chocolates or candies.

Which is the unhealthiest flavor of Fiber One brownies? The Birthday cake flavor of Fiber One brownies is the unhealthiest one you should avoid. It contains hydrogenated palm oil, which is highly processed and contains artificial flavors and colors.

Are Fiber One brownies gluten-free?

Fiber One brownies are not gluten-free as they contain wheat flour bleached. 

Additionally, they are also not suitable for individuals who have soy and peanut allergy.

Are Fiber One brownies vegan?

Fiber One brownies are not vegan-friendly as they contain animal-derived ingredients such as calcium caseinate, eggs white, milk powder, and whey protein concentrate.

Are Fiber One brownies better than other brownies?

Let’s compare Fiber One brownies to some other popular brownie brands.

Fiber One brownies vs M&M’S Fudge Brownie

Fiber One brownies are healthier than M&M’S Fudge brownie.

M&M’S Fudge brownie is high in calories, fat, carbs, and added sugar. In addition, it is low in fiber(just 1g) and contains artificial colors and flavors.

Fiber One brownies vs Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies

Fiber One brownies are healthier than Little Debbie Cosmic brownies.

Little Debbie Cosmic brownies are high in calories, fat, carbs, and added sugar. In addition, they are low in fiber(just 1g) and contain artificial colors, flavors, and many awful ingredients.

Fiber One brownies vs Grandma’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Fiber One brownies are healthier than Grandma’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies.

Grandma’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies are high in calories, fat, carbs, sodium, and added sugar. 

In addition, they are low in fiber(just 2g) and contain processed ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, and artificial flavors.

Fiber One brownies vs Ghirardelli brownie mix(Double chocolate)

Fiber One brownies are healthier than the Ghirardelli brownie mix.

Ghirardelli brownie mix is high in calories, carbs, and added sugar. In addition, it is low in fiber(just 1g) and contains artificial flavor.

Final words

Fiber one brownies are healthy for you if you stick to one or two servings at a time. They are high in fiber and low in calories, added sugar, and sodium.

Although they contain processed ingredients such as bleached wheat flour and vegetable oils, they are healthier than other brownies and highly processed snacks.

So, if you want your snack to be low in calories and high in fiber, Fiber One brownies could be a good choice in moderation.

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