Are Popchips Healthy? 5 Reasons They’re Better Than Other Chips

Popchips are among the most popular chips sold in more than 30,000 stores worldwide. They are among the most recommended chips by fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.

The chips are made from potato flour and rice flour. They are popped, not fried, and therefore are lower in fat with no saturated fat.

However, one common question people ask is whether Popchips are healthy.

In general, yes. Popchips are healthy as they have lower calories and fat than traditional chips. Additionally, They are made from non-GMO ingredients without artificial flavor and colors.

However, Popchips are still processed and should be consumed in moderation.

In this post, I have compiled a list of 5 reasons why Popchips are healthy and better than other chips.

But first, let’s take a look at their ingredients.

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Ingredients in Popchips

Popchips come in various flavors like Sour Cream & Onion, Thai Sweet Chili, Buffalo Ranch, Mature Cheddar & Onion, Barbeque, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Crazy Hot.

The key ingredients that are used across these flavors include:

  • Dried potato
  • Corn
  • Rice flour
  • Sunflower and safflower oil
  • Potato starch
  • Seasoning (whey, onion, powder, salt, sugar, sour cream powder and garlic powder, yeast extract, citric acid, Dehydrated parsley, maltodextrin, natural flavors, cream, milk fat, skim milk solids ).

5 Reasons why Popchips are healthy than other chips

Reasons popchips are healthy for you

 1. Free from GMOs

The primary reason Popchips are a healthy alternative to other chips is that they use all non-GMO ingredients.

This means that the potatoes or corn used to make Popchips are not genetically modified, making them a healthier option than other chips.

While some research suggests GMO ingredients are safe to consume, some studies claim that they pose toxic effects in people, such as nervous system disorders, inflammation in the pancreas, and reproductive disorders.

However, more research is needed to prove any of the claims.

But still, many people choose to avoid GMO-based ingredients in food.

2. Lower in calories

Finding snacks that are delicious and also low in calories is hard these days.

One of the reasons why Popchips are advertised as a healthier alternative to other chips is because they are low in calories and, therefore, helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

For example, a 28g serving of lays comes with 150 calories, while Popchips comes with 120 calories.

If you want to enjoy a snack without putting more pressure on your feet, Popchips are great option for you.

Below is a comparison of Popchips calories with other chips.

Per 28g serving

3. Use of healthy oils

These days, snacks are packed with unhealthy oils such as Soybean, corn, canola, and palmoelin. These oils are typically highly processed and high in saturated fats.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Popchips.

Popchips are often marketed as a healthier alternative to regular chips. This is because they are made with healthier oils, such as sunflower oil(non-hydrogenated) or safflower oil.

Sunflower and safflower oil are excellent sources of unsaturated fatty acids that are good for your health.

Also, these oils are less likely to cause health problems than those typically used in regular chips.

4. Gluten-free

It can be frustrating to find wheat, barley, and rye in snacks, as these ingredients usually contain gluten.

If you’re gluten-intolerant, consuming gluten can make you sick.

Popchips are certified gluten-free and soy-free so that anyone with gluten intolerance can enjoy them.

 However, they do contain milk-based ingredients, which makes them unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance.

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5. Free from artificial flavors and colors

While many chips brand has made artificial colors and flavors as one of their main ingredients, Popchips are free of any artificial flavor and color, making them unique and healthy.

The studies on artificial ingredients are low, but the available studies suggest that artificial flavors and colors are linked to several health risks, such as allergies, hypersensitivity, irritability, aggressiveness, etc.

Important things to know before eating Popchips

High in sodium

While Popchips have less fat and calories than traditional chips, they are high in sodium.

A one-ounce bag of Popchips contains 190 mg of sodium, about 8% of the daily recommended intake.

Most people consume enough sodium in their regular diet, so eating Popchips, in addition, may slightly increase your overall sodium intake. This can cause serious health issues for people who already eat high-sodium foods.

Studies have shown that a high sodium diet can damage your organs, increase blood pressure, cause dehydration, or may have direct effects on the brain, heart, or kidneys.

It may increase your weight

While Popchips are lower in calories, they can still lead to weight gain if you overeat them.

This is because Popchips are processed and made from potato starch, a type of carbohydrate quickly broken down into sugar in the body. In addition, it does have some amount of calories.

Therefore, it is important to moderate your intake of Popchips.

Final words

To conclude, Popchips are healthier than other chips even though they are high in sodium and carbs. They are made with non-GMO ingredients and without the use of artificial flavors and colors, and they are certified gluten-free.

All of these factors make Popchips a great choice over most processed snack foods. Remember though, moderation is key with any food.

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