Endura mass: The Ultimate Guide To Its Benefits And Side Effects

Endura mass is an extremely popular and most affordable supplement designed to help you gain muscle mass fast. It is a non-steroidal supplement that has been proven to be very effective in helping people increase their weight. In addition to helping with weight gain, endura mass can also help improve strength and increase stamina.

While endura mass has many benefits, some people have also reported some side effects of using it. As a result, it’s important to understand everything there is to know about endura mass before using it.

In this post, I will go over everything that you need to know regarding endura mass including it’s ingredients, benefits and side effects.

So let’s begin.

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What is Endura mass?

Endura mass is a type of supplement made to help people gain weight quickly. It’s said to work by increasing the number of calories in your diet, allowing your muscle mass to grow and strengthen. It is available in the form of powder that can be mixed with milk or water.

It was launched in 2001 and took the market by storm within a span of just five years and became one of India’s largest selling weight gainers.

The product is made with a blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and added vitamins and minerals.

It is available in various flavors such as:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Kesar pista

Ingredients in Endura mass

The key ingredients used in endura mass are:

  • Maltodextrin: It is a white, powdery substance that is nearly flavorless and odorless. It is used as a food additive to improve the texture of foods, as a filler in nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals, and as a carrier for flavors and colors.
  • Soy protein isolate: Soy protein isolate is a plant-based protein produced by removing the fat and water from soybeans. It is then dried and ground into a powder. Soy protein isolate is a complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids needed to build muscles.
  • Whole milk powder: It is a powder made from fresh milk that has had the cream and butterfat removed. It is a concentrated form of milk that contains all of the milk solids. It is often used to enhance the dairy flavor of foods.
  • Cocoa powder: Cocoa powder is a type of dry powder made from cocoa beans. This powder is only used in the chocolate flavor of the endura mass to give it the taste of chocolate.
  • Palm & coconut oil: These are the two most common oils used in all the flavors of endura mass. Don’t worry, both the oil are good for the body.
  • Sweet dairy whey:  It is a protein powder supplement used as a food additive in endura mass.
  • Soy fiber: It is a by-product of soybean oil production. The oil is extracted from the beans, and the fiber is left over. It is used as a food additive in endura mass.
  • Emulsifying agents (INS 322, INS 472): These are approved food additives that help products containing unable to mix food ingredients, like oil and water, to combine.
  • Artificial flavors: These are laboratory-made chemicals used to enhance the taste of the food.
  • Vitamin and minerals: Endura mass is packed with many vitamins and minerals to enhance its nutritional value.

Benefits of Endura mass

Benefits of endura mass

Good for weight gain

According to the stat, In India, over 100 million men and women are underweight, comprising 40% of the global underweight population. This puts them at greater risk for conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

If you want to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than your body burn. According to the company, a single serving of Endura mass is 60g and has 250 calories, which is good for people looking to gain weight.

However, it is also important to exercise when taking in excessive amounts of calories. If you don’t exercise, the excess calories from your diet will get stored as fat in your body. This can lead to unhealthy weight gain and health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

100% vegetarian

Endura mass is a 100% vegetarian supplement made of all-natural ingredients. It is great for people looking to gain weight in a healthy way and are vegetarian. In addition, It comes in a variety of flavors, so it is easy to find one that you like.

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It has zero cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential part of a healthy body as it plays a key role in producing hormones, bile, and vitamin D. However, research suggests that there’s no need to eat goods with high cholesterol because the body itself produces the majority of cholesterol in the body.

Endura mass contains no cholesterol, making it ideal for people at risk of heart disease.

Great source of calcium

Endura mass may be low in other vitamins and minerals, but it certainly has a great amount of calcium.

A 100g endura mass has 680mg of calcium, more than 60% of the daily calcium requirement. Even if you take 60g serving of calcium a day, it will provide you with 40% of the daily calcium needed by your body.

Calcium is one of the important minerals for your body. It is necessary for healthy bones and teeth, nerve function, muscle contraction, and blood clotting.

High in Iron

Despite having a high amount of calcium, endura mass is also high in iron. A 60g serving of endura mass has 18mg of iron which is more than 200% daily recommended value for men and 100% for women.

Adequate levels of Iron are essential for transporting oxygen throughout the body, maintaining energy levels, and preventing anemia. Without enough iron, you can feel tired and weak, and also your immune system may not function as well as it should.

Fortified with many vitamins and minerals

Endura Mass is fortified with many vitamins and minerals essential to the body. Besides calcium and Iron, it has phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and vitamins like A, B, C, and E.

Although most people believe that the levels of vitamins and minerals in endura mass are extremely low. But if you take a close look at the nutrition label, you will find that the levels are not that bad. In fact, even a 60g daily serving of endura mass contains some nutrients that meet more than 100 percent of daily requirements.

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Side effects of Endura mass

The company claims that endura mass is a healthy way to gain weight and has no side effects. However, some people have reported some side effects from endura mass that you should be aware of before using it.

Some of the most common side effects of Endura mass include:

Not good for diabetics

Supplements like endura mass are not recommended for diabetes as they have a high glycemic index and contain excessive sugar. Even the company itself has said that endura mass is not suitable for people having diabetes as it can raise their blood sugar levels.

Long term usage may be dangerous

Though supplements like Endura Mass are often seen as a healthy way to gain weight, some people believe that their long-term usage can be dangerous, damaging your kidney and liver.

However, there is no strong evidence for this, and also long-term usage of endura mass is not recommended.

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Not good for people with fatty liver

Fatty liver disease is a condition characterized by the accumulation of too much fat in the liver. Endura mass might not be a good supplement for people with fatty liver because it is high in calories and contains sugar and whole milk powder.

Leaving endura mass may cause weight loss

Some people have reported that as long as they were using endura mass, their weight increased, but their weight decreased back as soon as they left the use of endura mass.

This is certainly possible because endura mass is a supplement that is not supposed to replace your meals. It just supports your meals.

To maintain that weight that you get after using endura mass, you need to keep taking your nutritious diet.

Other common side effects include digestive upsets, such as constipation, gas, and diarrhea.

If you experience any of these side effects while taking Endura mass, stop taking the supplement and speak to your doctor.

How to use Endura mass for best results?

Once you buy the endura mass, you must know how to use it for the best results. To do that, you need to consider both the dosage and timing of the product you are using.

Dosage: If I talk about dosage, it may vary from person to person based on how active the person is. However, if you are starting with endura mass, it’s best to take two to three tablespoons of Endura Mass twice a day. The dosage can be increased to three times a day after some days.

How to take: You can take endura mass with a glass of juice, milk, or even plain water. Simply mix it with your preferred liquid, drink it right away, or store it in a bottle and take it wherever you go.

If you want to increase the number of calories in your endura mass, add milk and two bananas. This will provide you with a large number of calories while also increasing the drink’s nutritional value and giving your body an extra boost of energy.

Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, or raisins can be added to increase the number of healthy fats in it.

It is extremely important to exercise while taking endura mass. Otherwise, the calories and carbs that you are getting from endura mass will be converted into fat.

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Timing: The best time to take Endura Mass is during the post-workout session. During a heavy workout, the body burns many calories and loses many nutrients through sweat, and endura Mass is an excellent product to restore them.

Endura Mass should not be consumed right before bedtime because it contains a lot of calories and will not be properly digested.

Who should avoid taking Endura mass?

While endura mass is ideal for weight gain, it may not be good for everyone.

  • Diabetics people should avoid taking endura mass.
  • Endura mass should not be taken by people who are not sufficiently active, as the extra calories will be stored as excess fat in the body.
  • If you’re pregnant, you’re already going through a lot of hormonal changes and taking endura mass during this period can be dangerous for you. 
  • Don’t use endura mass for the long term. Use it for just 2-3 months or discontinue it after achieving desired results.
  • People who are on medications should consult with their doctor before taking it.
  • If you are allergic to any of the endura mass ingredients, it’s better to avoid it.
  • People who are allergic to milk or are lactose intolerant should avoid the consumption of endura mass.

Final words

Throughout the years, endura mass has aided many people in overcoming their inability to gain weight. It is widely used, and you can use it as well.

After learning about the benefits and side effects endura mass, I believe that you will get the most out of it.

However, keep in mind that excessive consumption can cause certain side effects, and long-term use of any supplement is not recommended.

Endura mass should not be used in place of a meal, and it should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. And you might get the results you want in a reasonable amount of time.

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FAQs – Endura mass

Does endura mass contain steroids?

No, endura mass does not contain any steroids in it.

How much time endura mass takes to gain weight?

On average, It takes 3-4 weeks to see the results. However, the company recommends taking endura mass until you gain your desired weight.

What is the age limit for taking endura mass?

Endura mass can be taken by any male and female of 11 years and above.

Can I take endura mass without exercise?

If your lifestyle includes a lot of physical work, you can take endura mass without exercise. But if you are not physically active enough, it’s important to exercise while taking endura mass.

Does endura mass increase breast size?

Endura mass contains soy protein, which brings softness to women’s skin and helps develop the breasts proportionately. However, women need to consume it in moderation.

Can endura mass be taken with water?

Yes, you can take endura mass with any liquid you want, whether milk, juice, or water.

Is it safe to take endura mass before bedtime?

No, taking endura mass at bedtime is not safe as it may not digest properly and may result in digestive issues.

Can I take endura mass empty stomach?

It is not suggested to take endura mass empty stomach.

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