Ensure Vs Proteinx: Which Is The Better Nutrition Powder?

When it comes to nutrition powders, there are many different options on the market. Two of the most popular choices among people are Ensure and Proteinx. Both the nutrition powder are one of the most selling supplements in India. However, it can be hard to know which nutrition powder is best for you. Do you go for a nutrition powder that’s high in protein, like Proteinx, or is Ensure better? Both options have pros and cons, and it ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in a powder.

So, to determine which one is better for you in terms of overall health and nutrition, we must compare them closely.

Important note: Both ensure and proteinx come in a variety of flavors; however, for the comparison in this post, I’ve chosen the original proteinx flavor and the vanilla flavor of the ensure. It’s possible that you might find different levels of nutrients in different flavors.

Ensure vs Proteinx: Ingredients comparison

Proteinx ingredients: Peanut protein hydrolysate (56%), sugar, malt extract, maltodextrin, minerals and vitamins. 

The source of protein in proteinx is peanut.

The company has used hydrolysed protein, a type of protein that has been pre-digested and broken down into small peptides and amino acids. This makes it much easier for the body to digest and absorb, making it a popular choice for people who have difficulty digesting protein. It is also considered a high-quality protein, as it contains all of the essential amino acids that the body needs.

Some of the benefits of hydrolysed protein include:

  • improved digestion and absorption
  • increased muscle mass and strength
  • improved joint health
  • better blood sugar control
  • reduced inflammation

In addition, there is a use of sugar, malt extract, maltodextrin(thickener) and minerals and vitamins.

Ensure ingredients: Skimmed milk powder, maltodextrin, sucrose, edible vegetable oil (high oleic sunflower oil, soy oil), fructooligosaccharides(sweetener).

The source of protein in the ensure is skimmed milk powder.

Skimmed milk powder is a type of dairy product made from milk that has had the cream removed. This leaves behind a high-protein, low-fat powder that can be used in a variety of food applications. Skimmed milk powder is a popular choice for those looking for a low-fat dairy option, and it is also a good source of protein.

Other ingredients used in ensure include maltodextrin, sucrose, edible oils and sweeteners.

When compared to ensure, proteinx has a higher protein quality.

Ensure vs Proteinx: Nutrition comparison

Here’s a comparison of 100-gram serving of each:

Vitamin D (IU)332158

While the carb and calcium content is nearly identical, Ensure appears to be superior in terms of overall nutrition because it contains more nutrients that are not listed on the proteinx or maybe do not exist. The nutrients like potassium, magnesium, manganese, chromium, sodium, selenium, copper, iodine, FOS, and molybdenum exist in ensure but not in proteinx.

However, proteinx takes the lead when it comes to protein. In fact, proteinx has 50% more protein than ensure. Also, proteinx is low in calories and fat and contains more vitamin D levels, which helps in proper calcium absorption.

Additionally, the levels of B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9 are high in proteinx, whereas the levels of B5, B7 and B12 are high in ensure.

To summarise, proteinx is higher in protein and lower in fat and calories. On the other hand, ensure is low in protein but high in fat, phosphorus, and iron and has more nutrients than proteinx.

Proteinx is a better option if you want to increase your protein intake. Even though proteinx has high vitamin D levels than ensure, I will not consider this a plus because a person can get all of vitamin D from the sun. On the other hand, ensure is a better choice if you’re looking for well-balanced nutrition.

Ensure vs proteinx comparison

Ensure vs Proteinx: Benefits comparison

For muscles building

If you are looking for muscle building, one of the most important nutrients you need is protein. As proteinx comes with 50% more high-quality protein than ensure, it is a better choice for muscle building.

However, that doesn’t mean using ensure will not help you build muscles, but the result may be quicker using proteinx because it has high quality protein.

For weight gain

To gain weight, you must consume more calories than your body burns. After comparing the nutritional values of both ensure and proteinx, it is clear that ensure contain more calories, carbs, and fat, and thus appear to be a good way to gain weight. However, both proteinx and ensure are not a weight-gain supplements.

If you want to gain weight, you can go with any other weight gainer, such as endura mass.

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For diabetes

While these nutrition powders are high in calories, carbs, and sweeteners, they may not be the ideal nutrition powder for diabetes.

However, proteinx comes with a diabetes-specific nutrition powder called “diabetes care”. It is low in GI, has no added sugar, and is high in dietary fiber, which might be good for people with diabetes.

On the other hand, ensure also has nutrition powder specifically for diabetes with the same name called “diabetes care”.

It’s important to note that both the nutrition powder contains maltodextrin(a sweetener), which has a high GI, that may cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. However, many people have used both the products and haven’t complained about this.

It’s best to consult with your doctor before taking these supplements if you have diabetes.

For flavors

Both ensure and proteinx powders are available in a variety of flavors. However, proteinx has a slight advantage because it comes in flavors designed specifically for pregnant women, diabetics, and children.

On the other hand, ensure also comes with flavors such as original, vanilla, chocolate, and diabetes care. However, only vanilla, chocolate, and diabetes care flavors are available in India.

Whether you choose proteinx or ensure, you get the benefits of different flavors to try in both.

Final words: Which is the better nutrition powder?

If you want to build muscles or increase your protein intake, It’s better to go with proteinx. I would suggest you to go with the chocolate flavor as it has high levels of vitamins and minerals than ensure.

Choose ensure if you want overall balanced nutrition with some additional nutrients such as manganese, selenium, FOS, molybdenum, and chromium.

It’s better to check out the other flavors of proteinx as they have more vitamins, minerals with less sugar, and high-quality protein.

So, which is the better nutrition powder between ensure and proteinx?

I would go with proteinx and the reasons for that are as follows:

  • More protein than ensure
  • High-quality protein
  • Trust of more than 50 years
  • The amount of vitamins and minerals is very high in other flavors
  • Low in fat and calories
  • More numbers of B vitamins
  • Customer oriented flavors

I hope this information has helped you decide between Ensure and Proteinx. However if you still have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section.

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