Is Biscoff Cookie Butter Healthy? Here’s The Truth

Biscoff cookie butter is a creamy spread originally created and produced by Lotus Bakeries.

This spread is made from crushing popular Biscoff cookies, known for their cinnamon and brown sugar flavors. The result is a smooth, rich, butter-like spread with a sweet cinnamon cookie taste.

Whether you spread it on toast, eat it with wafers, or eat it straight from the spoon, Biscoff cookie butter is a really delicious treat.

However, is Biscoff cookie butter healthy?

Short answer: Biscoff cookie butter is not healthy because it contains processed wheat flour, refined oils, and high amount of added sugar. It is also low in protein and fiber.

Read on to find out more about Biscoff cookie butter, including it’s ingredients, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium content and more.

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What is Biscoff cookie butter made up of?

Biscoff cookie butter is made primarily from Biscoff cookies themselves.

Biscoff cookies contain wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils like soybean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil or palm oil, brown sugar syrup, sodium bicarbonate, soy flour, salt and cinnamon.

When Biscoff cookies are turned into spread, some additional ingredients like canola oil, sugar, soy lecithin and citric acid are also used.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But if you look closely at the ingredients, you will find two important things.

Firstly, the flour used in Biscoff cookies isn’t labelled as “whole” or “whole grain,” which means it’s essentially refined wheat flour.

Secondly, it uses many highly processed ingredients like sugar, various vegetable oils, brown sugar syrup, and soy lecithin.

So even though Biscoff Cookie Butter doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, even then, it’s not a healthy choice.

How much sugar is in Biscoff cookie butter?

Biscoff cookie butter is high in sugar, containing 11g per serving (2 tablespoons or 30g).

That’s about 30% of the daily sugar limit for men and 44% for women.

All of the sugar is added coming from sugar present in the Biscoff cookies, sugar, and brown sugar syrup.

If you are limiting sugar, you really need to think twice before including it in your diet.

How much protein is in Biscoff cookie butter?

Biscoff cookie butter is extremely low in protein, containing just 1g per serving (2 tablespoons or 30g).

If compared, Biscoff cookie butter has 85% less protein than peanut butter.

But why such low protein?

That’s because it is made from Biscoff cookies, which are made from refined wheat flour.

Refined wheat flour loses many of it’s nutrients, including protein, during the refining process.

If you want to get more protein boosts from your snacks, stick with nut-based spreads over cookie-based ones like Biscoff.

What about fiber?

Unfortunately, there’s no fiber in Biscoff cookie butter😥.

How much sodium is in Biscoff cookie butter? 

Biscoff cookie butter is low in sodium, containing 65mg per serving (2 tablespoons or 30g).

That’s just 4% of the daily ideal sodium limit set by the American Heart Association.

Sodium is an essential part of the diet, but consuming too much can result in heart-related issues.

However, with with Biscoff cookie butter you don’t have to worry about sodium, even if you are following a low-sodium diet.

Is Biscoff cookie butter good for weight loss?

Biscoff cookie butter is not an ideal choice for weight loss as it contains a significant amount of sugar.

Additionally, it contains 170 calories in a small serving, which is significant.

It’s better to have Biscoff cookie butter as an occasional treat or in moderation on a weight loss diet.

Note that weight loss depends not only on one food but overall diet and lifestyle.

Is Biscoff cookie butter gluten-free?

Biscoff cookie butter is not gluten-free as it contains wheat flour as the main ingredient.

Is Biscoff cookie butter vegan?

Biscoff cookie butter is vegan as it does not contain any milk or animal-based ingredients.

However, it may not be suitable for vegans who avoid sugar because of how it is processed.

Is Biscoff cookie butter healthier than peanut butter?

You might be wondering if you can use Biscoff cookie butter in place of peanut butter.

The answer is a big NO.

Biscoff cookie may taste better than peanut butter, but it comes nowhere to peanut butter when it comes to nutrition.

With just 1g of protein and 0g of fiber per serving, it doesn’t deliver the same nutrition punch as peanut butter, 7-8g of protein and 2g of fiber.

Is Biscoff cookie butter healthier than Nutella?

Nutella is one of the most popular spreads among people. However, is it healthier than Biscoff cookie butter?

To be honest, neither of the spreads is a healthy choice as both are high in added sugar and packed with processed ingredients.

However, when it comes to choosing one, Nutella is slightly better than Biscoff cookie butter.

That’s because Nutella packs a bit more protein and fiber and contains less fat and sodium.

However, at the same time, Nutella also has more sugar.

Final words

After looking at the ingredients list and nutrition facts, it can be concluded that Biscoff cookie butter is not a healthy option.

Here’s why

  • It is made with processed wheat flour.
  • It contains refined vegetable oils.
  • It is high in added sugar, with 11g per serving
  • It lacks protein and fiber, with only 1g of protein and no fiber.

However, because it tastes delicious and is low in sodium and is free from artificial additives, you can consume it occasionally.

Don’t make it a regular part of your diet.

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