Is Boost Good For Health? Here Is The Answer

Boost is one of India’s most trusted sports and nutrition drink brands. For over four decades, it has inspired kids to overcome any sporting challenge with perseverance, hard work, and more stamina.

It have always comes up with iconic ambassadors like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rishabh Pant, who have all proclaimed that ‘Boost is the secret of my energy.

And, while it is fortified with various vitamins and mineral and provides a quick boost of energy, is boost good for your health?

Short answer: Boost is good for your health as it contains good levels of B vitamins and minerals and is free from artificial flavors and sweeteners. However at the same time, it is high in sugar and is limited to only chocolate in terms of flavor options.

To get a better overview of boost, read the following sections.

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Ingredients in Boost

The key ingredients used in Boost include Cereal extract, Malted barley, Sugar, Wheat flour, Milk solids, Vitamins, Minerals, Natural colour, Acidity regulators, Edible iodized salt, Cocoa powder, and Nature identical flavours.

Let’s see some of the ingredients in detail:

Cereal extract

It is a flour made from whole grains such as Barley, Wheat, and Millet. Cereal extract is used in Boost because it is a source of essential nutrients and enhances the flavor and aroma of the food. Almost 50% of the Boost is made with Cereal extract.

Malted barley

Malted barley is a type of grain that is often used in brewing and distilling. It is obtained from 100% barley and is also a key ingredient in many other nutritional drinks, as it is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Wheat flour

Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat kernels. Boost uses 6.5% of wheat flour in it.

Milk solids

Milk solids are the solid particles that remain after milk evaporates and is stripped of its water content. These are a good source of protein and calcium and can also help improve the texture and taste of drinks.

Edible iodized salt

Iodized salt is a type of salt that has been treated with iodine. It is added to many food products so that people can get enough of this important nutrient in their diet.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is made from the beans of the cacao plant and is often used as a flavoring or coloring agent in food and beverages.

Vitamins and minerals

Lastly, Boost has been fortified with many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, C, And D, magnesium, Iron, calcium, copper, and zinc.

Nutritional value of Boost

The Boost claims that it is fortified with 17 essential nutrients, and if we look at its nutrition label, the claim seems valid.

A 100-gram serving of Boost provides:

  • Calories: 373
  • Carbohydrates: 80gm
  • Sugar: 9.5gm
  • Fat: 2.5gm
  • Protein: 7.5gm
  • Magnesium: 82.5mg
  • Calcium: 577mg
  • Iron: 44.5mg
  • Zinc: 4.6mg

Other nutrients in Boost include vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C, D, Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Iodine, Copper, and Folic acid.

4 Reasons Boost is good for health

Good source of nutrition

Whether you are a kid or a grown-up, Boost is a good source of essential nutrition to include in your diet.

It not only has a good number of nutrients, but also a good amount of them.

For example, a single serving of Boost, which is 20gm, provides

  • 115mg of calcium, about 11% of the daily value
  • 37.6mg of vitamin C, about 41% of the daily value
  • 125mcg of vitamin A, 15% of the daily value
  • 8.9mg of Iron, about 100% of the daily value for men and 60% for the women
  • 6mg of Niacin, about 37% of the daily value
  • 5mcg of Biotin, 16% of the daily value
  • 39.6mcg of Iodine, about 28% of the daily value
  • 112mcg of folate, about 28% of the daily value

If you don’t enjoy drinking milk by itself and is constantly looking for healthy things to add in. Adding Boost to your milk can be quite nourishing for your health.

Good for bones

The Boost claims that it has nutrients that can help in the maintenance of optimal bone & muscle strength. And this claim is valid.

Looking at the nutrition label, Boost is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, and zinc, all essential for strong and healthy bones.

While calcium is the most important mineral for bones, vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, and zinc is needed for the formation of bone.

Without enough vitamin D and zinc, the body cannot properly use calcium, and bones can become weak and brittle.

Excellent source of Iron

Another claim that the Boost makes is that it helps transport oxygen more effectively in the body. This claim might be due to the good levels of iron in Boost.

Drinking just two servings of the Boost on daily basis can provide more than 200% of the daily value for men and 100% for women.

If you frequently feel extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, and headache, it might be possible that you are low in Iron.

Including Boost in your diet can help you boost your iron levels.

Excellent for athletes

Boost is a good source of Folic acid or folate, which makes it great for bodybuilders and athletes.

According to a study, folic acid supplementation can reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents in high-performance athletes.

In addition, adequate intake of folic acid in an active person has several benefits, such as:

  • It helps make the most of your protein to increase muscle growth and maintenance.
  • It helps to take in more oxygen during heavy workout.
  • Aids to help form DNA.

Are there any downsides to boost?

High in Sugar

Although Boost is packed with many essential nutrients, it is important to note that it is high in sugar.

A single 20g serving of Boost contains 7g of sugar.

While this amount of sugar may not be a problem for some people, This can be an important factor for people who are not active enough and looking to restrict sugar.

Not gluten-free

Boost is unsuitable for people with celiac disease or other gluten sensitivities as it contains wheat gluten.

Not good for diabetics

Boost is not good for people with diabetes as it contains added sugar.

Also, most studies classify malt as an added sugar that harms people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

How much Boost should you consume in a day?

As per the company, a 20gm serving of Boost twice daily is enough to get all the nutrients. First in the morning and second in the evening.

Also, it would be best if you avoid adding extra sugar from your side to milk.

Is Boost better than other nutrition drinks on the market?

There are several reasons why Boost might be the better option compared to other nutrition and health drinks available on the market, such as:

  • It has no artificial flavours.
  • It has no artificial sweeteners, such as Maltodextrin.
  • It is high levels of many nutrients, such as Iron, magnesium, vitamin C, Iodine, Folic Acid, and Copper, compared to other nutrition drinks.

Final words

To conclude, Boost is overall good for your health as It is high in essential nutrients and does not use artificial flavors or sweeteners.

However, it’s important to limiting your consumption of Boost to only two servings per day as it contains sugar.

In addition, Boost is not a meal replacement drink, so it should be consumed as an additional source of nutrition in your diet.

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FAQs about Boost

Is it ok to drink Boost everyday?

Yes, it is safe to drink Boost everyday as it will help you get essential nutrients on daily basis. Also, limit your daily intake to only two servings a day.

Does Boost contain caffeine?

No, Boost does not contain caffeine.

Is Boost good for weight loss?

Boost is not recommended to use for weight loss as it content high levels of sugar(natural and added).

Is Boost drink a meal replacement?

No, Boost is not a meal replacement and neither it is promoted as.

How old do you have to be to drink boost?

Boost suitable for children aged 6 to 18 years old.

How much time it takes boost to build 3X stamina?

As per the company’s official website, You must consume Boost for 120 continuous days in order to triple your stamina.

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