The Truth About Cape Cod Chips: Are They Healthy?

If you’re a chips lover, you’re probably always looking for new options to add to your snack collections. Perhaps you might have come across Cape Cod chips in the grocery store or online.

Cape Cod potato chips are a type of kettle-cooked chips made from potatoes that are sliced thin and then cooked in small batches in oil.

They are known for their unique texture, flavor and commitment to using simple, good-quality ingredients.

And while they are available in various varieties and flavors, are Cape Cod chips healthy for you?

Short answer: Cape Cod are not the healthiest potato chips because they are low in protein and fiber and contain processed ingredients. However, you can enjoy them in moderation as they are low in calories and sodium and packed with healthy fats.

Let’s dive deeper into Cape Cod chips, including their ingredients, protein, sodium content and more.

So let’s start.

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What are Cape Cod chips made of?

Cape Cod chips are available in about 4 varieties and over 15 flavors. Therefore, the exact ingredients vary depending on the flavor.

In general, Cape Cod chips are made up of Potatoes, vegetable oils(canola/safflower/sunflower) and salt(regular or sea salt).

There is no use of artificial flavors or preservatives that are usually found in traditional chips. Moreover, the chips are Non-GMO.

Are Cape Cod chips baked or fried? Cape Cod chips are fried as they are made using the kettle-cooking method. 

Kettle cooking is the traditional way of frying sliced potatoes in batches in hot oil until they turn crispy and golden brown in color.

The chips are then removed from the oil and seasoned with spices and seasonings.

How much protein is in Cape Cod chips?

Cape Cod chips are not a good source of protein, with most flavors containing just 2g per serving. 

The Waves Less fat sea salt and White cheddar & sour cream are the only flavors with 3g of protein per serving.

In addition, they are also low in fiber containing 1 to 2g per serving depending on the flavor.

Munching on Cape Cod chips might satisfy your taste buds. But they may not be very filling or satisfying if you’re looking for a snack to help you stave off hunger.

Here is how the protein and fiber content of Cape Cod chips compared to other potato chips.

Potato chips flavorProtein(g)Fiber(g)
Cape Cod chips2-31-2
Lays kettle cooked chips21
Ruffles Kettle cooked chips21
Miss Vickei’s Kettle cooked chips2-32
Deep river Kettle cooked chips21
Kettle brand (Classic) kettle cooked chips21-2
Per serving

Are Cape Cod chips high in sodium?

Sodium is expected in chips as it helps in both chip preservation and flavor enhancement.

However, too much sodium can lead to heart-related issues.

Thankfully, Cape Cod chips are not among the highest sodium-loaded chips. They contain 60 to 260mg of sodium per serving, depending on the flavor.

As per American Heart Association, the ideal sodium limit for adults is 1500mg/day.

That means even if you consume the highest sodium flavor of Cape Cod chips (sweet & spicy jalapeno), you will only consume 17% of the recommended daily limit, which is not very high.

However, if you are someone with heart-related issues or following a low-sodium diet, consuming Cape Cod chips in moderation is essential.

Here is how the sodium content of Cape Cod chips compared to other potato chips. 

Potato chips flavorSodium(mg)
Cape Cod chips60-260
Lays kettle cooked chips75-120
Ruffles Kettle cooked chips140-180
Miss Vickei’s Kettle cooked chips125-240
Deep river Kettle cooked chips90-240
Kettle brand kettle cooked chips125-170
Per serving

Are Cape Cod chips processed?

Cape Cod chips are processed as they are fried in vegetable oils and contain salt.

Additionally, some flavors contain ingredients like maltodextrin, corn syrup, dextrose, cornstarch, and modified food starch, which are highly processed.

Yet, they are better than other processed chips with ingredients like artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Are Cape Cod chips good for weight loss?

Chips are generally not considered bad for weight loss as they don’t fall into the sweet snack category.

Cape Cod chips are good for weight loss as they don’t contain any added sugar and are lower in calories.

The classic, waves, and waffles cut varieties contain 140 calories per serving. The Less Fat variety contains 130 calories per serving.

On average, Cape Cod chips contain 15% fewer calories than Doritos and 23% fewer calories than Lays classic potato chips. 

And the best part? You get more chips per serving with Cape Cod chips than other chips.

Remember that weight loss depends not only on one food but your overall diet and lifestyle.

Are Cape Cod chips high in fat? Cape Cod chips are moderate in calories containing 5 to 8g per serving. The good thing is that most of the fat is healthy (Polyunsaturated & Monounsaturated).

If you are limiting fat-intake, go for the Less Fat variety as they contain 40% less fat than other varieties.

Here is how the calories and fat content of Cape Cod chips compare to other potato chips.

Potato chips flavorFat(g)Calories
Cape Cod chips5-8130-140
Lays kettle cooked chips7-8130
Ruffles potato chips10150-160
Miss Vickei’s Kettle cooked chips11-12200-210
Deep river Kettle cooked chips9-10140-150
Kettle brand kettle cooked chips6-9130-150
Per serving

Are Cape Cod chips gluten-free?

Cape Cod chips are gluten-free as they are made primarily from potatoes. 

They also don’t include other gluten-containing ingredients making them safe for individuals with celiac disease.

Are Cape Cod chips vegan?

Cape Cod chips contain both vegan and non-vegan flavors.

The non-vegan flavors include:

  • Sea salt & cracked pepper(Classic variety)
  • Sour cream & onion(Classic variety)
  • Aged white cheddar & sour cream(Less Fat variety)
  • Honey BBQ(Waves variety)
  • Jalapeno ranch(Waves variety)
  • White cheddar & sour cream(Waves variety)

The above flavors contain milk or honey as one of the ingredients.

It is always a good move to read the ingredients label carefully if you have certain food allergies.

Final words

Cape Cod chips can be a part of a healthy diet as long as they’re enjoyed in moderation.

While they may not be the most nutrient-dense potato chips out there, they do offer some benefits.

For example, they’re low in sodium, which is important for those watching their blood pressure and are packed with mostly healthy fats. In addition, they come with more chips in a serving than other chips, which is not less than a benefit.

While they do contain some processed ingredients, they are still a better choice than many other processed potato chips loaded with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

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