Are Innocent Smoothies Healthy? Everything You Need To Know

Innocent is one of the leading smoothie brands in the UK and Europe that makes pre-bottled, pure fruit smoothies focusing on natural ingredients.

The brand was founded in 1999 in the UK by three friends who sold smoothies at a music festival from a fruit stand. However, the brand is now owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

Innocent smoothies are known for their thick, smooth texture and bright, fruit-forward flavors.

With flavors like strawberries & bananas, blueberries, peaches & apples, guavas, pineapples & apples, Innocent smoothies have become a go-to drink for many people.

However, are Innocent smoothies truly a healthy choice as they seem?

Short answer: Innocent smoothies are healthy as they’re made from real fruits and veggies, contain no added sugar or artificial additives, are low in sodium, and are a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients. However, they are high in natural sugar and must be consumed in moderation.

Read on to find out more about Innocent smoothies, including their ingredients, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium content and more.

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What are the ingredients in Innocent Smoothies?

Innocent smoothies come in two varieties – Smoothies and Super smoothies.

Both these varieties further come in multiple flavors.

Therefore, the exact ingredients can vary depending on the flavor you choose.

In general, Innocent smoothies are made from real fruits and vegetables like mangoes, apples, passion fruits, strawberries, bananas, orange, white grapes, beetroot, etc.

If you choose Super smoothies, they also include fruits and vegetables but with some added vitamins.

Sound healthy? Right? However, that’s not all.

Innocent smoothies do not contain added sugar and solely depend on natural sugar from fruits for sweetness. They are also free from all major red flags, such as artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

So ingredients-wise, Innocent smoothies are truly a healthy option.

Note: I’ll only explore the regular variety of Innocent smoothies for the nutritional part.

Are Innocent smoothies high in sugar?

Innocent smoothies are high in sugar, containing 10-12g per 100ml serving.

As per the American Heart Association, the daily sugar limit for men is 36g, while for women is 25g.

A single serving (100ml) of Innocent smoothies provides roughly 30% of the daily sugar limit for men and 44% for women. And if you consumed 250ml or more, which is pretty doable, the sugar content increases.

Although all the sugar in Innocent smoothies is natural, it’s still important to consume it in moderation.

But why?

That’s because the natural sugar present in smoothies or juices gets heavily processed during production. However, this sugar is still termed as natural sugar because it is coming from fruits.

Due to processing, the fruit’s properties get significantly altered. 

As a result, our bodies do not process the natural sugar present in smoothies or juices in the same way as they do when consumed whole fruits and vegetables.

Does this mean Innocent smoothies are bad for health?

Not at all!

But if consumed in excess, the natural sugar in them can have the same negative impact as added sugar, such as weight gain or elevated blood sugar levels.

The bottom line? Innocent smoothies contain no added sugar, but it’s still important to consume them in moderation due to their high natural sugar content.

Here’s the table showing the sugar content of all Innocent smoothies flavors.

Mangoes, passion fruits & apples11
Strawberries & bananas10
Blueberries, peaches & apples11
Guavas, pineapples & apples11
Strawberries, pineapples & apples11
Pineapples, bananas & coconuts12
Per serving (100ml)

How much protein is in Innocent smoothies?

Innocent smoothies are extremely low in protein, containing 0-1g per serving (100ml).

Why protein is so low?

That’s because fruits are naturally lower in protein.

If you want a protein punch in your drink, you better go for protein shakes or dairy-based smoothies.

Here’s the table showing the protein content of all Innocent smoothies flavor.

Mangoes, passion fruits & apples<0.5
Strawberries & bananas<0.5
Blueberries, peaches & apples<0.5
Guavas, pineapples & apples1
Strawberries, pineapples & apples0.6
Pineapples, bananas & coconuts0.8
Per serving (100ml)

How much fiber is in Innocent smoothies?

Like protein, Innocent smoothies are also low in fiber containing 1-1.4g per serving(100ml).

That’s not even 8% of the daily recommended fiber for adults.

Fiber is an essential part of the diet that helps to promote digestion, regulate blood sugar levels and provide satiety.

But because Innocent smoothies are low in fiber, you might not feel satiety after consuming them.

You may think, don’t fruits also have a similar amount of fiber? Then why do we feel full after eating small servings of fruits?

That’s because whole fruits need to be chewed, so your brain often gets the signal that you’re full and need to stop eating.

It’s the whole chewing thing that makes the difference.

But, when you drink smoothies like Innocent, they pass through your body faster. And as the saying goes, the faster the food goes in and out of you, the less full you feel.

Due to this lack of feeling of fullness, most people drink too much smoothies without realizing it, which results in excess sugar intake.

Here’s the table showing the fiber content of all Innocent smoothies flavors.

Mangoes, passion fruits & apples1.4
Strawberries & bananas1.2
Blueberries, peaches & apples1.1
Guavas, pineapples & apples1.1
Strawberries, pineapples & apples1
Pineapples, bananas & coconuts1.1
Per serving (100ml)

Are Innocent smoothies a good source of Vitamin C?

Innocent smoothies are a good source of vitamin C, containing 7.8 to 36mg per serving(100ml), depending on the flavor.

That’s about 10 to 45% of the daily recommended vitamin C for adults.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity and protects body cells from damage caused by free radicals. This helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

However, that’s not all.

Besides vitamin C, Innocent smoothies are good sources of folic acid, potassium and manganese.

Can Innocent smoothies be one of your 5-a-day?

For those who don’t know, 5-a-day is a guideline set by the WHO that says you should eat at least 5 portions of fruits and veggies daily for good health.

Since Innocent smoothies are made with fruits and veggies, they’re marketed as one of your 5-a-day servings. 

But is this really true?

While Innocent smoothies contribute to your daily 5-a-day tally, they shouldn’t entirely replace eating fresh, fiber-rich fruits and veggies.

This is because Innocent smoothies are high in natural sugar, and consuming too much in one go is easy, which doesn’t happen while eating fruits. This can result in excess sugar consumption.

For the healthiest way to meet your 5-a-day, make whole fruits and vegetables a vital part of your meal.

Are Innocents smoothies better than soda?

Some people claim Innocent smoothies are just as bad as sodas like Coke or Pepsi because of their similar sugar content. 

But let’s get real – Innocent smoothies are way better for you than those fizzy soft drinks!

Yes, the sugar content is quite the same in both.

But, the sugar in Coke and Pepsi is processed sugar. Plus, these soft drinks often contain artificial colors and preservatives.

In contrast, the sugar in Innocent smoothies comes naturally from fruits and vegetables. Plus, they don’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, Innocent smoothies are a way better choice than artificially concocted, additive-filled sodas.

Are Innocent smoothies good for weight loss?

Innocent smoothies are not ideal for weight loss as they are high in natural sugar.

A standard serving (250ml) of Innocent smoothies can provide up to 30g of sugar, which is too much, especially when looking to lose weight.

However, if you are active enough and can control your portion intake, you can enjoy Innocent smoothies.

Note that weight loss depends not only on one food but on overall diet and lifestyle.

Are Innocent smoothies gluten-free?

Innocent smoothies are gluten-free as they don’t have any gluten-based ingredients.

 Are Innocent smoothies vegan?

Innocent smoothies are vegan as they don’t have any animal-based ingredients.

Final words

After looking at the ingredients and nutritional value, Innocent smoothies can be considered healthy.

Here’s why:

  • They are made from real fruit and veggies.
  • They have no added sugar.
  • They are low in sodium.
  • They are good source of vitamin C and other nutrients.
  • They have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
  • They are gluten-free and vegan.

However, there are also some drawbacks to Innocent smoothies, such as the lack of filling protein and fiber and the high natural sugar content.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to consume Innocent smoothies in moderation.

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