Are Miss Vickie’s Chips Healthy? Here Is The Answer

Miss Vickie’s is a popular brand of kettle-cooked potato chips known for their thick and crunchy texture.

These potato chips are made using traditional kettle-cooking methods, where sliced potatoes are batch-cooked in small kettles filled with custom-blended oils (corn, canola or sunflower).

Miss Vickie’s potato chips come in a variety of flavors, including Sea salt, Jalapeno, and Smokehouse BBQ.

However, amidst their crunchy and flavorful texture, are Miss Vickie’s chips healthy?

Short answer: Miss Vickie’s chips are a healthy for you due to their low saturated fat, average protein content, low to moderate sodium levels, and absence of artificial additives.

Read on to find out more about Miss Vickie’s chips, including their ingredients, protein, fiber, sodium content and more.

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What are the ingredients in Miss Vickie’s chips?

Miss Vickie’s chips come in a variety of flavors such as Sea salt, Sea salt & vinegar, Jalapeno and Smokehouse BBQ.

However, if you live in Canada, you get some more flavors.

Therefore, the exact ingredients in Miss Vickie’s chips vary depending on the flavor.

In general, Miss Vickie’s chips are made up of Potato, vegetable oils (corn and/or canola and/or sunflower) and salt or sea salt as the primary ingredients.

Depending on the flavor, Miss Vickie’s chips may contain additional ingredients such as Maltodextrin, Sugar, Dextrose, Lactose, Natural flavor, Torula yeast, Corn starch, Yeast extract, Citric acid, Spices etc to enhance the overall taste experience.

The good thing about Miss Vickie’s chips is that there is no use of major red flags such as artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

How much protein is in Miss Vickie’s chips?

Miss Vickie’s chips contain 2-3g of protein per serving (one package).

The Lime & cracker pepper flavor contains 2g of protein, while the rest contain 3g per serving.

While 3g is not a very good amount of protein, it can still be considered decent for chips. Because chips are generally not considered a good source of protein, especially the potato ones.

If compared, these chips have more protein and fiber than most flavors of Lay’s kettle-cooked potato chips.

Here is a table comparing the protein content of Miss Vickie’s chips to other popular kettle-cooked potato chips.

Kettle cooked chips brandProtein per serving(g)
Miss Vickie’s chips2-3
Cape cod chips2-3
Deep river2

How much fiber is in Miss Vickie’s chips?

Are Miss Vickie's Chips Healthy

Miss Vickie’s chips are low in fiber, with just 2g per serving. That’s not even 10% of the daily recommended fiber for adults.

But again, just like protein, potato chips are also not considered a good source of fiber.

However, compared to kettle-cooked chips such as Lays, Ruffles, and Deep River, Miss Vickie’s chips have slightly more fiber content.

Here is a table comparing the fiber content of Miss Vickie’s chips to other popular kettle-cooked potato chips.

Kettle cooked chips brandFiber per serving(g)
Miss Vickie’s chips2
Cape cod chips1-2
Deep river1

Are Miss Vickie’s chips high in sodium?

Sodium plays an important role in making chips flavorful and also keeping them fresh for longer.

However, consuming too much sodium can result in dehydration or heart-related issues.

Fortunately, the sodium in Miss Vickie’s chips won’t be a problem if you stick to just one serving.

Miss Vickie’s chips are low to moderate in sodium, with 125 to 240mg per serving. That’s about 16% of the daily ideal sodium limit, when you consume the highest sodium containing flavor.

Here is a table comparing the sodium content of Miss Vickie’s chips to other popular kettle-cooked potato chips.

Kettle cooked chips brandSodium per serving(mg)
Miss Vickie’s chips125-240
Cape cod chips60-260
Deep river90-240

Are Miss Vickie’s chips highly processed food?

Miss Vickie’s chips are not highly processed food, but they do contain a few processed ingredients like vegetable oils, maltodextrin and dextrose.

Can they be considered minimally processed? While Miss Vickie’s chips may not be as minimally processed as homemade chips, they still provide a healthy snacking experience. 

They are better than other heavily processed, mass-produced chips with artificial additives found on supermarket shelves.

How much fat is in Miss Vickie’s chips? Miss Vickie’s chips are high in fat containing 11 to 12g per serving. However, the good thing is that the majority of the fat is good, i.e., unsaturated fat.

Are Miss Vickie’s chips gluten-free?

Miss Vickie’s chips are generally gluten-free as they do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients.

However, it’s worth noting that none of the flavors have a gluten-free label on the package.

This indicates a couple of possibilities.

First, Miss Vickie’s may not have conducted specific gluten testing on the chips.

Second, while the ingredients themselves may not contain gluten, there could be a risk of cross-contamination during the production process. 

However, if cross-contamination were the case, Miss Vickie’s would have prominently labeled it on the packaging.

Are Miss Vickie’s chips vegan?

Only the Sea salt flavor of Miss Vickie’s chips is vegan. 

The rest of the flavors contain milk-based ingredients such as whey or buttermilk.

Final words

Overall, Miss Vickie’s chips are a healthy option for those who love kettle-cooked chips, and there are many reasons for this, such as

  • They are free from artificial additives.
  • They are low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat. 
  • They have average protein.
  • They are low to moderate in sodium.

However, there are also a couple of downsides to Miss Vickie’s chips you need to consider, such as

  • They are low in fiber. 
  • They contain processed ingredients.

However, despite these downsides, Miss Vickie’s chips are good to eat (in moderation) and provide a satisfying crunch that will leave you wanting more.

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