Are Peatos Healthy? The Truth About These Snacks

Peatos are a brand of snack chips that are designed to mimic the taste and texture of traditional cheese puffs. 

However, unlike traditional cheese puffs, Peatos are made from a unique blend of ingredients like Pea flour, Lentil flour, Faba bean protein and Pea fiber.

This gives Peatos a distinct texture and a flavor profile.

And while these are often marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional cheese puffs, Are Peatos really healthy?

Short answer: Peatos are healthy as they are made from plant-based ingredients and are good source of protein and fiber. Additionally, they are free from artificial additives, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Read on to find out more about Peatos, including their ingredients, protein, fiber, sodium content and more.

Ultimately, I’ll also compare Peatos to the most popular cheese puffs snack, Cheetos.

So let’s start.

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What are Peatos made up of?

Peatos are available in a range of delicious flavors, such as:

  • Peatos puffs, fiery lime
  • Peatos puffs, no cheese
  • Peatos puffs, cheese less
  • Peatos rings, pizza
  • Peatos rings, crunchy onion
  • Peatos rings, sweet onion
  • Peatos curls, fiery hot
  • Peatos curls, no cheese
  • Peatos curls, classic cheese

So the exact ingredients can vary depending on the flavor.

In general, Peatos are made up of a Pulse flour blend, a mix of Pea flour, Lentil flour, Faba bean protein and Pea fiber as the base ingredient.

Peatos also include other ingredients such as:

  • High oleic sunflower oil and/or safflower oil
  • Rice
  • Seasoning includes salt, spice, sugar, yeast extract, citric acid, natural flavor, paprika extract (for color), onion powder etc.

That’s it.

There is no maltodextrin, corn, monosodium glutamate (MSG), dairy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Just pure plant-based ingredients.

So, ingredients-wise, Peatos are good for health.

How much protein is in Peatos?

Peatos crunchy curls

Peatos are a good source of protein, providing 4g per serving (28g).

This might not be very high protein for some individuals, but if you are someone not much concerned about daily protein intake, it is decent.

The protein in Peatos comes from multiple plant-based sources such as peas and lentil flour, and Faba bean protein.

If compared, Peatos has more protein than popular snacks like Lays, Pringles, Ruffles, and Doritos.

Here is the table comparing the Peatos protein content to other popular snacks.

BrandProtein per serving(g)
Hippeas Chickpea puffs3-4

How much fiber is in Peatos?

Peatos contain 3g of fiber per serving(28g). That’s about 12% of the daily recommended fiber for adults.

That’s not very high fiber, but it can be considered good for a snack.

The fiber in Peatos comes from pea fiber, which helps to promote satiety, making you feel fuller for longer periods.

If compared, Peatos has more fiber than many of the popular snacks in the market.

Here is the table comparing the Peatos fiber content to other popular snacks.

BrandFiber per serving(g)
Hippeas Chickpea puffs2-3

Are Peatos high in sodium?

Peatos are low to moderate in sodium containing anywhere between 140 to 240mg per serving (28g), depending on the flavor.

That’s about 9 to 16% of the daily ideal sodium limit(1500mg) set by the American Heart Association.

Sodium is expected in Peatos and is an essential part of the diet. However, too much sodium can result in heart-related issues. 

Fortunately, the sodium levels in Peatos are safe for most people, up to one serving.

However, if you are on a low-sodium diet, it is crucial to consume Peatos in moderation or choose flavors with 200mg or less sodium per serving.

Here is the table comparing the Peatos sodium content to other popular snacks.

BrandSodium per serving(mg)
Hippeas Chickpea puffs170-220

Are Peatos good for weight loss?

Peatos are good for weight loss as most flavors are sugar-free and relatively low in calories, with only 120-140 per serving.

Most of these calories come from healthy carbs from pea flour, lentil flour and rice.

If you are on a weight loss diet, choosing Peatos as your snack won’t be a problem.

Note that weight loss does not depend only on one food but on overall diet and lifestyle.

Are Peatos gluten-free?

Peatos are gluten-free as they are made with peas and lentils and do not contain any gluten-based ingredients.

They are also Non-GMO.

Are Peatos vegan?

Peatos are vegan as they are entirely made from plant-based ingredients.

It’s important to note that some flavors of Peatos may have seasoning that mimics the taste of cheese, but these seasonings are typically plant-based and suitable for vegans.

Are Peatos healthier than Cheetos?

Peatos are marketed as healthier alternatives to Cheetos, and indeed, they live up to that claim.

There are many reasons for this, such as:

  • Peatos have more protein and fiber than Cheetos.
  • Peatos do not contain MSG, artificial flavors or colors, but Cheetos does.
  • Peatos are low in sodium than Cheetos.
  • Peatos are low in fat than Cheetos.
  • Peatos are vegan-friendly, but Cheetos are not.

In short, Peatos are healthier than Cheetos, both ingredients and nutrition-wise.

What’s even better is that Peatos manage to achieve this while still delivering a taste similar to that of Cheetos.

So ultimately, you are eating a healthier version of Cheetos.

Final words

Peatos not only taste great, but they are also healthy for you, and there are many reasons for this, such as:

  • They are completely plant-based.
  • They are high in protein and fiber.
  • They are not very high in sodium like other snacks.
  • They are free from artificial additives.
  • They are non-GMO and gluten-free.

If you’ve always had a soft spot for Cheetos but felt guilty about the unhealthy consequences, Peatos are the best healthy alternatives you can go for.

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