Are Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips Healthy? Find Out Now

If you’ve ever strolled through the aisles of Trader Joe’s, you may be aware of their plantain chips.

These crispy, golden chips are a favorite snack among many snackers and food enthusiasts.

These chips are made from ripe, green plantains and come in various flavors such as plain, Sweet, Jerky style, Roasted, and Dark chocolate drizzled.

And while Trader Joe’s plantain chips taste really good, are they healthy?

Short answer: Trader Joe’s plantain chips are healthy as they are made with simple ingredients, are low in sodium and contain no artificial additives. However, they are low in protein and fiber.

Read on to find out more about Trader Joe’s plantain chips, including their ingredients, sugar, protein, fiber, sodium content, and more.

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What are the ingredients in Trader Joe’s plantain chips?

Trader Joe’s plantain chips come in various flavors. Therefore, the exact ingredients can vary depending on the flavor.

In general, they are made up of plantains, Sunflower or High oleic sunflower oil, and salt or sea salt as the base ingredients.

Plantains are a starchy member of the banana family. Although they share similarities with bananas, they are larger, possess thicker skins, and have less sweetness when ripe.

To make the chips, the plantains are thinly sliced into uniform rounds and then fried in high oleic sunflower oil until golden and crispy.

And lastly, a pinch of salt or sea salt is sprinkled onto the chips to make them salty & delicious.

Overall, the ingredients in Trader Joe’s plantain chips are simple and good. There is no use of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Here is the table showing all the ingredients of the plantain chips flavor.

Plain Plantains, High oleic sunflower oil, salt
Sweet Plantains, High oleic sunflower oil
Jerky stylePlantains, High oleic sunflower oil, Seasoning blend(Spice blend[allspice, black pepper, cinnamon, coriander seed, nutmeg, red pepper, thyme, maltodextrin, salt, onion powder, sugar, garlic powder, citric acid (used as an acidulant), yeast extract, spice extractives, ginger extract, and silicon dioxide (added as an anti-caking agent)]).
Dark chocolate drizzledPlantains, High oleic sunflower oil, salt, Dark chocolate, sea salt.
Roasted Plantains, sunflower oil, salt.

How much sugar is in Trader Joe’s plantain chips?

Trader Joe’s plantain chips are low sugar, containing 4g in Dark chocolate drizzled flavor and 7g in Sweet flavor. The rest of the flavors are sugar-free.

All the sugar in the Dark chocolate drizzled flavor is added sugar from dark chocolate, whereas all the sugar in the Sweet flavor is natural from plantains.

If you limit sugar in your diet, Trader Joe’s plantain chips are a good snacking option.

How much protein is in Trader Joe’s plantain chips?

Trader Joe’s plantain chips are extremely low in protein, providing less than 1g per serving.

This may be a disappointment for those seeking a high-protein snack.

If you want high-protein chips, Quest chips can be an excellent option. They contain 18-20g of protein per serving(32g).

But that’s not all.

In addition to protein, Trader Joe’s plantain chips are low in fiber providing just 1g per serving.

Are Trader Joe’s plantain chips high in sodium?

Trader Joe’s plantain chips are low in sodium, providing 40 to 150mg per serving, depending on the flavor.

That’s about 2 to 10% of the daily ideal sodium limit set by the American Heart Association.

The sweet flavor does not contain any sodium.

It’s also worth noting that most flavors of the plantain chips use regular salt as the source of sodium. Only the Dark Chocolate Drizzled flavor incorporates sea salt.

Sodium is an essential part of the diet, but too much can result in heart-related issues.

But with Trader Joe’s plantain chips, one does not have to be worried about excess sodium intake.

This is good for those limiting sodium in their diet.

Here is the table showing the sodium content of all Trader Joe’s plantain chips flavors.

Plain 40
Sweet 0
Jerky style80
Dark chocolate drizzled150
Roasted 50
Per serving

Are Trader Joe’s plantain chips gluten-free?

Trader Joe’s plantain chips are gluten-free as they do not contain any gluten-based ingredients.

Are Trader Joe’s plantain chips vegan?

Trader Joe’s plantain chips are vegan as they do not contain any animal or dairy-based ingredients.

However, it’s worth noting that Jerk-style and Dark chocolate drizzled flavors contain sugar.

This may be a concern for strict vegans who avoid sugar in their diet due to being processed with bone char while manufacturing. 

Are Trader Joe’s plantain chips better than potato chips?

Trader Joe’s are better than potato chips for some reasons such as:

  • They are slightly lower in fat than potato chips.
  • They are low in sodium than most potato chips.
  • They are free from artificial additives.

Here is the table comparing the nutritional value of Trader Joe’s plantain chips to the most popular potato chips.

Chips brandFat(g)Protein(g)Fiber(g)Sodium(mg)
Trader Joe’s plantain chips6-8<1140-150
Per serving

Final words

Trader Joe’s plantain chips are not nutritious but healthy for you.

There are various reasons for this, such as:

  • They are made with a few simple ingredients.
  • They are low in sodium.
  • They are free from artificial additives.
  • They are gluten-free.

You can snack on these plantain chips without worrying about your health.

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